Monday, April 4, 2011

Link Roundup

Netflix is going to add a ton of movies to its streaming service thanks to a recent deal with Miramax.

Here is an awesome article analyzing one of the best parts in the first Dragon Age: the politics surrounding the Orzammar election.

Xenoblade, a JRPG for Wii which is supposed actually be good, is heading to Europe this year. Hopefully, we'll see a stateside release.

Microsoft is testing out a new and improved Xbox 360 disc that can store more information on it.

The original Madden creator is suing EA.

Classic Scott Walker.

Some Dukes v Walmart case information

Japan's business lobby gives the okay to scrap corporate tax cuts in order to help the government rebuild after the Sendai quake/tsunami. That is something you'd never see in the states.

An almost complete dinosaur has been found in Alberta.

Here is an awesome Universe simulator if you feel like killing some time.

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