Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Favorite Magic Cards of All Time: Creatures (For Realz)

Okay, so my last favorite creatures of all time post was an April fools joke. All of those cards listed before are awful (except Abbey Matron shes so hot). Same deal as before, so lets just get on with it:

Bogardan Hellkite: While it may be expensive, this dragon is absoultely devastating. The best time to play him, is at the end of turn, so that way you can deal 5 and then immediately untap and swing for another 5. That's half of your opponents health in one go. Since you can play him as an instant, he can slip under counters pretty well and can be played mid combat to destroy aggro decks. He was my finisher of choice for my Tron decks of old.

Covetous Dragon: This dragon may not look like much these days, but I still have fond memories of playing with him. He was considered undercosted when he first came out and he naturally pairs well with artifact mana, which allowed him to be cast as early as turn three. He was a natural fit for Wildfire, since I had to have a lot of artifacts around anyways for that deck, and he survives the blast.

Eternal Witness: Creatures with amazing coming into play abilities are dangerous to print since its so easy to abuse them. As such, you'll notice that many creatures in this list have abilities that trigger when they enter the battlefield. Eternal Witness is the poster child for amazing coming into play abilities. To demonstrate how amazing powerful she is, in a game of EDH a couple of weeks ago, Richard got us in an infinite lock using Eternal Witness, Crystal Shard, and a Time Warp. Its not hard to pull off.

Exalted Angel: Here is another creature that was amazing back in the day that is outclassed by recent cards (such as Baneslayer). Exalted Angel used to be the white control finisher of choice in literally every format that could play her. Her morph ability is actually quite relevant, since it was easy to play her on turn one or two as a morph and then un-morph her the next turn. Also, if she is morphed and then blinked, she will return from exile un-morphed, which makes for a fun little trick.

Lightning Angel: She is the epitome of elegance. While her text box only includes three small words, she is really powerful. Her abilities allow her to play offense and defense at once. Her casting cost is cheap enough that she can be at the top of the curve in an aggro deck. She's resilient enough to be used as a control finisher. She can basically do anything. She's also in my favorite three color combination of all time, which makes her near and dear to my heart.

Marton Stromgald: I admit it, when I was a kid I was a little bit of a sadist when it came to playing Magic. I used to get my opponents down to like 1 life, and sit there and build up my army to try and overkill them. Marton would frequently be used as my killing blow, pumping all of my giant dragons to ridiculous proportions and allowing me to swing for hundreds of damage in one go. I've been meaning to squeeze Marton into an EDH deck, but I haven't quite found a good use for him yet.

Martyr of Sands: She is one of the best life gaining cards of all time. Now usually, I am not super into cards that just give me life, but the amount of life you can gain off of Martyr of Sands is absurd, especially when you recur her every single turn with something like Proclamation of Rebirth or Emeria. I once almost got disqualified from a tournament for having five Martyr of Sands in my deck and I didn't realize it since I built the deck drunkenly the night before. True story.

Mystic Snake: This is a pretty typical Alex creature. Does the creature generate a massive tempo swing when it hits the battlefield?  Does the creature have an easy to abuse coming into play effect? If the answer is yes to both of those questions, then I'm all over it. Plus, its a cute little snakey! Awwwwww

Palinchron: I talked about this card pretty extensively when I was covering the degenerate things you can do with a High Tide. Its a combo enabler and a decent control finisher all rolled into one.

Venser, Shaper Savant: Again, I'm pretty predictable when it comes to creatures I like. This guy is just like Mystic Snake ... except more annoying.

And there you have it. If I had to pick my favorite creature of all time, it would Lightning Angel. I don't know why I love her so much, shes not even all that good anymore. Join me next time when I talk about Artifacts!


  1. I don't understand why you left off Soul Warden. Also, where is Lady Evangela? She should be on the list simply since she now has such a good back story that you made for her!

  2. This list is wrong. It should be:

    Priest of Gix
    Golgari Grave-Troll
    Wall of Omens/Flowers
    Avalanche Riders
    Academy Rector (what?)
    Avatar of Woe
    Volrath's Shapeshifter (duh)
    Lotus Cobra
    Karn, Silver Golem

  3. Avalanche Riders, Mother of Runes, Paladin En-Vec, and Academy Rector almost made it onto my list. Also I left artifact creatures off the list as I'm going to include them in the artifact section. Karn and Sundering Titan will most definitely be on that one.