Thursday, April 14, 2011


Today, I'm going to go over my favorite card type: Artifacts! You'll also get to see the upper limits of my douchiness when playing Magic. So yay!

Chalice of the Void: While this card is almost worthless in EDH, it is a superstar in all constructed formats where it is allowed. Why? You'll be surprised by how many cards in a deck you can shut down with a Chalice on 1 or 2 counters. A Chalice on two against a aggro deck can frequently turn off half of their deck. Its pretty ridiculous. Getting multiple chalices out is even more fun, and with sufficient artifact mana, you can power them out on turn one or two.

Chrome Mox: This card is awesome since allows you to make absurd turn one plays in any format that allows it. Turn one Chrome Mox and Ancient Tomb allows you to cast a morphed Exalted Angel or a 3-sphere on turn one. Sometimes it allows you to combo off on the first turn by chaining things like Rite of Flame into a storm card like Empty the Warrens.

Darksteel Forge/Mycosynth Lattice: I'm including these together since I frequently try and combo them together. With both of them out, it makes your entire side of the board indestructible. This is pretty hard to beat for any opponent. Once you include something like Disk or Shatterstorm in the mix ... well ... your opponent will probably punch you in the face. These cards weren't great in constructed, but they are all stars in EDH.

Everflowing Chalice: This is one of my favorite artifacts printed in a long time. I love it so much that I've been cramming them in all of my standard decks since the Worldwake came out. There is better mana excel in the grand scheme of things (such as Grim Monolith), but this chalice has a special place in my heart. Also, its an auto-include in most EDH decks because of its scalability.

Karn: I love Karn so much. He's probably one of the most flavorful legends ever printed (he was a pacifist in the storyline for a long time and its reflected pretty well in his card). His second ability allows for some insane alpha strikes against unaware opponents and it can be used the turn he comes into play. Imagine Karn out with the Lattice and Forge pictured above. Thats 15 power worth of indestructible creatures with only those two cards. Also, he's getting his own planeswalker card in the next set.

Mesmeric Orb: This is mostly a Zach card, but its a card that has had me nerd rage quite a bit. Its incredibly annoying to play against while simultaneously opening up a slew of graveyard based combos for the person playing it. Here is an old article Zach once wrote praising the 'Morb.'

Metalworker: This is one of those creatures that if you don't kill right away you just lose the game. Its as simple as that. If I play metalworker with even 4 artifacts in my hand, thats an extra 8 mana ... on turn four (or sooner if you powered out your metalworker earlier). Assuming you played a land every turn, that gives you enough mana to hardcast a Blightsteel Colossus. There is a reason this guy is banned in almost every format (although I did just discover that he was recently unbanned in Legacy ... which is sexy).

Mindslaver: Yes, this card is as devastating as you think it is. When you mindslaver someone, you have a pretty good chance of really messing up that player's plans. However, thats not what makes the card powerful. The problem with this card lies in the fact that you never just get mindslavered once. With cards like Academy Ruins and Goblin Welder around (I mistakingly left the Welder off my favorite creatures list), its pretty easy to recur Mindslaver over and over again, ensuring that your opponent never gets another turn.

Oblivion Stone: This card is pretty straightforward. I don't do anything really tricky with this card or anything. Its just a nice wrath effect for any color.

Sundering Titan: Good Ole 7-10 split. This card has made Zach nerd rage more than any other card I've ever played with extensively. Like Mindslaver, this card's effect doesn't just happen once throughout the course of the game, but multiple times. Combined with Goblin Welder, things get pretty ridiculous as you weld him in and out of play and he triggers every time he enters or LEAVES the battlefield. One sided Armageddons are pretty good I hear. Also, you can accelerate into him on turn four rather easily. Fun times.

Tangle Wire: This is one card that I used to nerd rage over when Josh had 4 copies in all of his aggro decks.  An early Tangle Wire can really mess over your opponents, and its a pretty easy card to work to your advantage. Imagine this card in combination with all of the new Proliferate cards. Thats enough lulz to make me wanna track down a copy for my Bosh deck.

Trinisphere: Let me take a second to explain this card really quick. As long as its out, any card that would cost less than three, now cost three mana instead. The additional mana added to the spell is all in colorless. Also, if a player tries to cast a spell for free, like say Force of Will, that spell will still cost the player three mana. With that out of the way, imagine having one of these out on the first turn against an aggro deck packed with cards that cost one and two. Imagine having a trinisphere out after casting a mass land destruction spell. In either case, your opponent is basically fucked.

Umezawa's Jitte: This is one of the most powerful pieces of equipment in the game, and its also the most deceptive. Upon first glace, it doesn't look that powerful at all. Once you play it though, you'll realize that it just wrecks people.  I remember when Betrayers first came out, I got two copies of it (one in a pack and one in a pre-con), and I wasn't even sure it was that good. I made this awful suicide black deck with them and played against Ian. In one game, I landed a Jitte, and Ian simply could not recover. There was literally nothing he could do, since it killed all of his creatures and I bashing for obscene amounts every turn. He basically refused to play against that card again after the match, and thats when I realized how awesome it was.

Notice a theme with these artifacts? I really like to give myself tons of mana while denying my opponents any. I also really liked the first Mirrodin block. It got me back into the game after a substantial leave of absence. Although I'm sure I wouldn't look at the block too fondly if I were actually playing competitive at the time. My favorite of these is probably Sundering Titan, or maybe Trinisphere. Its hard to pick one out of those two.

Next time: Enchantments.


  1. Yes, your (and Zach's) douchiness is on full display in this post. Several of these cards, appearing alone, would be enough to make me want to quit a game. Particularly offensive are Tangle Wire, Mindslaver, and Chalice of the Void. And let us not forget the indefensible Myconsynth/Dark Steel Forge combo, which has made me want to flip the table over in anger on many occasions. Alex, you are a jerk. That said, you should make an EDH deck that includes as many of these artifacts as possible.

  2. I've been thinking about adding Wildfire, Destructive Force, Sundering Titan, Mindslaver, and Tangle Wire to my Bosh deck and have that be my hardcore deck. However, I'm sure no one would allow me to play with that much LD.

  3. Why didn't my Morb article go viral?

  4. PS. Can I create an EDH deck with Morb as my legend?