Monday, March 28, 2011


Some of these are from the week before, since I didn't post a news compilation last week.

Dragon Age 2 dev caught rating his own game on Metacritic.

On a more positive note though, a Dragon Age 2 Dev owns some pissed off straight guy with regards the game's sexuality options.

The 3DS is officially out now! I might want one in the future, but for now I have too many games to play already.

More Skyrim information!!!

Nazi Dinos!!!!!!!!!!

On Women and Magic: the Gathering.

William's Institute announces its new teaching fellow!

DOMA repeal is now officially underway. Granted, it will probably take years to undo if it even gets done at all.

"Girouex allegedly said as a youth pastor he felt it was his duty “to help (the teen) with homosexual urges by praying while he had sexual contact with him.”

New Study reveals a possible cause of RLS

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  1. That Williams Institute article is particularly interesting. That guy sounds really handsome.