Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nerd Rage Powers Activate!

Competitive gaming has always been one of the more intense areas of video gaming. It could be the using the perfect item to snatch first place from the lead in Mario Kart, or pulling off a 50-hit combo that just manages to kill the last character in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Competitive gaming can have this rush that solo games have a difficult time matching. However, there is a bit of a difference in beating an unknown person in a group of friends, and then facing friends who may share your passion.

Just the other day a couple of friends and I were facing off in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. While we have all put time and effort into playing the game, only two of us actually have the game, and throughout the matches it became apparent which two of us had a slight edge. (clue: it was the two of us who had the game)

At one point after a significant loss, a friend threw the controller down, and went into what we all know as a “nerd-rage.” He then stormed out of the room as the said he was done with the game.

I've ran into this issue before, with friends and boyfriends. When two people who are equally competitive it normally creates a unhealthy environment when the most obvious yet largely ignored reality sets in. Someone has to lose, and sometimes, lose a lot.

It's an uncomfortable situation for both parties, the loser must eventually come to terms to maybe they had a bad night, or that they need more practice, and most of all, that they just yelled at someone over a electronic device that shows pretty pictures.

I've had my moments were I go into a fit moaning about how I'll never be as good, or how they (somehow) use some unfair tactic that I cannot find a way around. Only to realize five minutes later that I have been acting like a complete idiot.

So due to my experience being on both sides I compiled a list of do's and don'ts about competitive gaming to keep in mind when the matches start to turn quiet and you see you're friend grasping the controller like its a floatation device.

1.Smack talk has always been one of the most “endearing” and sometimes infuriating part of competitive gaming, and most of the time its harmless. However, if you start to notice that you're friend/spouse is starting to get quiet, and fixated on the TV, you might want to watch what you say.

2.No matter what game you play, its never fun to feel like you don't have a chance. So if you're continuously pulling off that 50-hit combo with Zero (MvC) while you're opponent can't even leave the corner, you may want to quit before he launches you're fifty dollar controller at Fifi.

3.If it goes too far, and you're boyfriend bursts into tears running outside because you just spiked him at 0% (SSB) you might want to recommend you do something else. Cuddle and a movie maybe?

4.FOR GODS SAKE DON'T GIVE ADVICE WHILE THEY NERD-RAGE! I mean really, the least thing I want to hear after my tenth loss is that I'm not damn blocking, dodging, comboing enough, I can see the extent of my (or lack of) my abilities thank you very much. However, at a more appropriate time its okay to offer training and advice.

1.Know you're limits. Everyone thinks their good, until they face someone better. Sometimes we just have to realize that maybe that one hour every week isn't going to cut it. Back to the training mode with you!

2.Learn to accept all ways of playing the game. Sorry but its about winning, not some duel back in the medieval era. Get used to rush down, camping, combos, spiking, mindgames, and spamming.

3.Know when its getting to you. Contrary to what you may believe, losing ten matches in a row will not give you the magic gaming skills to kick ass. If you aren't winning, maybe its time to stop, before you start hating the person playing with you and thinking of ways to belittle their wins.

4.If you nerd-rage, remember. ITS JUST A GAME.

Anyway, its back to the arena with me! Still practicing that god-forsaken She-Hulk combo.


  1. great post- would be awesome to include some pics to dress up your great content..

    thanks for sharing

  2. Luke and I used to get in fights over Mario Kart and other games for a long time when we first got together. lol

  3. Some people could really use these tips. Not me, of course. I am a humble winner and gracious loser when it comes to games. I would never rage-quit or accuse others of conspiring against me.

  4. Ha ha looks like someone else got to it before i did, I know nothing of HTML stuff, guess I should start learning.

  5. Haha yeah I changed some stuff and added pictures. I honestly never use the HTML side (unless Im resizing videos or something).

  6. I used to nerd rage a lot, but typically only during games I perceived myself to be good at (Mario Kart). In fact, almost every fight that Alex and I have ever had has been over games. And by "fights" I mean that I got irrationally infuriated that he destroyed me at something (Mario Kart, Settlers, Magic).

    I've since calmed down quite a bit, and most of my gaming competitiveness has dissipated. This is probably due to the mental calm that being with Alex has brought. I think I can actually remember the last time I got mad over Mario Kart (Washington, PA, 2009). From time to time, though, I will get quiet and stare intensely at whatever I'm doing on those rare occasions where I can feel the rage bubble up from within. Marvin, you actually called me on it in Magic a couple of weeks ago.

    Beating nerd rage is tough, but you too can succeed following Marvin's eight easy steps!

  7. Shut the fuck up, Luke. You're a n00b and you're cheating. LAG!

  8. Mele and I never fight over games because she's so pathetic and I'm so amazing, and we both know it.

  9. ^^^This is true...if amazing = slightly less pathetic.