Monday, March 7, 2011

Last Week In News

Nintendo did not do a very good job censoring 3DS names.

Here is a summary of Nintendo's keynote speech at GDC.

A Dance with Dragons comes out this July!

An amazing new Game of Thrones trailer has been released! The series starts next month.

Someone wanted to create a Gay-Straight Alliance group on a Texas campus. How did the school respond? It eliminated all extracurricular clubs. lol

Maryland is one step closer to gay marriage now.

Our AG, Kamela Harris, filed a brief with the 9th circuit to allow gay marriages in California while Prop 8 is being debated in courts.

Here is a summary of things we've learned from Wikileak's sharing of US diplomatic cables.

Seems pretty easy for me to boycott the Koch brothers.

Scientist have found the first primitive eye, which is weird because I thought the human eye is so complex it could never have evolved.

Two planets found sharing one orbit.

Astronomers have found evidence of a white dwarf which may have been torn apart by a black hole.

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