Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Favorite Video Game Soundtracks

I feel like video game music is one of the most ignored aspects of modern video games. This is best exampled by the VGA's 'Best Soundtrack' category last year being comprised of a bunch of music games like Guitar Hero. I don't think a lot of people really appreciate it, but to be fair, I didn't appreciate it much outside of a couple games until I met JSJ. Video game soundtracks can sometimes make or break a video game for me now, so I feel like this aspect is really important. As such, I'm going to count down my 8 favorite video game soundtracks of all time (I couldn't cut down to just five, so I decided to go with 8 to match up with yesterday's article). I'm not going to really talk about each one, so if you want an explanation ... too bad. The awesomeness of these game soundtracks should be self explanatory anyways.

8) Super Street Fighter 2

7) Super Mario Bros. 3

6) Chrono Trigger

5) Donkey Kong Country

4) Final Fantasy VI

3) Earthbound

2) Suikoden

1) Chrono Cross

Let me know if there are any soundtracks that I completely forgot about.

Bonus song because I just remembered it and how ridiculous it was:

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  1. I can't decide what's more racist.... DK Country or Elena's theme.