Monday, March 21, 2011

A Different Kind Of News Update

Last week was an intense week for me. Between two papers, interviews, and a class presentation, it was probably my busiest week of the semester (although I'm sure finals week will be hell too). So, because of that, I didn't really have time to post last week ... at all. I also didn't have much time to collect articles for the news today. So instead, I'm going to fill everyone in on some personal news that happened to me last week which made my week all the more fun.

I found last Tuesday that I never actually graduated from Santa Cruz.

What the hell?! How could you not know whether or not you graduated?! Well, I didn't walk (because I didn't want to), so I didn't really bother checking thoroughly whether or not my graduation material went through. My diploma never came. But, Zach's diploma took several years to get to him, so I had anecdotal evidence of the UC system sucking at diplomas. I turned in my graduation forms and I had just assumed that it went through. No one told me otherwise.

A couple of weeks ago, LMU sent me a letter saying that I although I was accepted to the MBA program, my enrollment was dependent on whether or not I can prove that I graduated from college. They requested a copy of my transcripts to be sent to their office by April 4th. I didn't think this was a big deal, although I was procrastinating in ordering transcripts since the process is such a pain in the ass. Then, last Tuesday, USC sends me the following email:

"Dear Alexander Gilbert Ruiz,

Greetings from the University of Southern California. We have reviewed your application for admission to graduate study, and are unable to proceed because of important items or information missing from your file. These items are listed below:

UC Santa Cruz: You indicate in your application that you graduate in June 2007 but your official transcript (issued in September 2009) does not show the conferral of a degree. Could you please clarify?
Your prompt response is appreciated."

The email made me fly into a confused rage. I immediately scavenged around the house trying to find my unopened copy of my transcripts I had lying around. I find it (with Luke's help) and sure enough, my degree isn't on there. Now came the challenge of trying to sort this out before April 4th to avoid getting kicked out of LMU.

After making a bunch of phone calls, I discovered that I was missing the finalizing form needed to complete the graduation process. I was told that I would have to reapply to graduate for Winter quarter. Luckily for me, I called during the last week of Winter quarter, so I was immediately able to reapply. I faxed the registrar my final form and doubled checked with Kresge and the Anthropology department to make sure that I had indeed met all of the requirements needed to graduate. They are going to be reviewing my graduation packet this week, but they don't expect any problems. My degree should be posted to my transcripts just in time for me to send my transcripts to LMU and not get kicked out of business school. 

I had always wondered in the back of my mind about whether or not I had actually graduated. I thought that maybe I still owed the school some money or there was a problem with one my course requirements (I got a class to count as something else during the graduation process the first time). I never imagined that the reason I didn't graduate was because I was missing some stupid form that takes two seconds to fill out. I still can't believe that I was never informed that I was missing it back when I was actually trying to graduate. At least it should be cleared up now. It just added a lot of stress to my already insanely busy week.

Now my transcripts will say that I got my degree Winter Quarter 2011 ... lol


  1. Hah. It's not dated to 2007? That's kind of odd.

  2. HAH!

    Sorry. Anything to make me feel better about graduating in 2012.