Monday, March 14, 2011

Marvin's Take on Video Games and Gender

Among my friends there is a joke that I would be the “women” of the group. This references many aspects about myself.One trend I have always been known to be true, I have always used women in video-games. It becomes totally obvious to anyone what gender I favor when it comes to fighting games. Peach, Ivy, Rachel, Amy, Nina, Rose, and Trish are all characters I have chosen as my characters in various competitive games and its been pointed out many times that I favor people with boobs.

I don't really know why I always picked women. For one its always so much more common for male characters to be most prominent, and also just really boring. I mean Ryu has the personality of a paperweight, why would I chose that when I can be a Chinese super-cop who jumps up and down every time she kicks someone to death. Even if they have a “personality” its more in vein with Wolverine who's completely one-dimensional. (yes you're soooo badass....we get it)

One issue I do have is normally the women in these games tend to be over-slutified for obvious reasons. I've played all the Soul Caliber games and all I have to ask is I don't know how half those characters can stand up with those bowling balls strapped to their chests. Either someone in the 18th century exists the worse plastic surgeon or Ivy is using that black magic for more then just destroying Soul Edge.

This trend has continued in the most recent fighting game I'm playing, Marvel vs Capcom 3. Currently, I'm using She-hulk, who is close combat power house with great speed, Morrigan, a Stripper in a bat costume, and Trish, a leather. Any its funny to compare this with the characters my friends use who look like they were taken out of a bowflex commercial.

Kick ass women have always just have always been so much more interesting to me. I grew with Xena, Sailor Moon, Buffy. Maybe I relate to them more, women have always stood as a minority, and they always have to prove themselves twice as hard as a man needs to. OR maybe its just that I like to beat down straight guys with women and be like you just got beaten by a group of vaginas BAM TASTE THE RAINBOW!

Tom who often vocalizes the trend I have in fighting games, only chooses men. However, his reason for doing so makes sense, horrible simplistic and somewhat unnerving sense. “I like to look at hot guys”


  1. Great article. I love the last paragraph

  2. I tend to play the most counter-normative characters, which inevitably usually means women. You know, since girls can't play video games.