Thursday, February 17, 2011

Zach Vs Alex: Green/Red Beats Vs Blue/White Control

Finally, we get around to posting the latest run of the duel deck series. We tried for a very long time to make the perfect video. We had to figure out a good way to hear Zach, how to up the quality of the videos, how to split up the videos, and how to best represent this match-up. We actually played the match-up several times to try and capture the perfect game, but alas, we couldn't really do it (although one of the games did last for 45 minutes haha). These videos still represent a typical game of an aggressive deck vs a defensive deck. The quality of these videos is still a little off, so we'll be working on trying to fix that in the future. Zach says that the quality of these videos is better when your watching them in Chrome than in Firefox, so keep that in mind.

U/W Vs G/R Part 1:

U/W Vs G/R Part 2:

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  1. Watching this just made me want to play some Luke vs. Alex vs. Zach EDH.