Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday News

EA says there won't be a Mirror's Edge 2.

Blizzard release dates for next few years have been leaked.

Apparently, we shouldn't worry about Dragon Age 2 being dumbed down from the first.

A Game developer's opinion on how to make piracy work in favor for a gaming company. 

Here is a quick little rant about Misogyny on Reddit. My favorite quote from the comments: "Reddit is where angry, white-male libertarians go to feel angry about the world without having to actually do anything about it."

Huffington Post article states that Video Games may actually be good for you. The comments by the old people on this article are amazing.

Scientist are now about to detect Alzheimer's with startling accuracy.

Another study out which says Ecstasy isn't as harmful as previous thought. 

Google Earth continues to be an awesome resource for archaeologists.

China surpasses Japan as the largest economy in Asia.

GOProud will not be invited back to CPAC. When are these people going to learn that their party doesn't give a fuck about them.

For some reason, Libya and Bahrain aren't getting near as much press in America as Egypt did. The situation in those two countries is much much worse. The governments are opening fire on the protest and hundreds and being killed.



    Egypt was the flavor of the month. Comfortably-living white people said so.

    I wonder what's next, and where's my White Man's Burden calendar? It would have awesome pictures.

  2. What ever happened to people caring about Chick-Fil-A? That is the news story of our lives.

  3. Luke... Chick-Fil-A might open in SF. And it is a huge storyline.