Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Business School Update

I started school a little less than a month ago, and its crazy to me that its already been that long. This past month has gone by in a blink of an eye for me. I forgot that time passes quickly when one is actually busy.

Luke and I really haven't been that social as of late. My classes are Mon-Thurs from 7pm to 10pm, which means that I'm leaving for class around the same time that Luke is leaving work. The only time we see each other on weekdays is when I drop him off to work and for the two hours or so that we have together when I get back from class. As such, we've been more inclined to spend the weekends with each other hibernating than going out or inviting people over to play games. We basically only have one day a week to hang out with other humans, and I don't expect that to change until at least May.

The commute from North Hollywood to Playa Vista really isn't that bad thus far. Going to class around seven means that I have to sit in traffic a little bit on the 101, but I basically enjoy smooth sailings once I get onto the 405, since most of the traffic on the 405 is going to the Valley at that time. The ride home can be annoying sometimes though, since the construction on the 405 will cause traffic in random places even late at night.

The Classes:

Accounting: This class scared the crap out of me for the first few weeks. The professor's style is to bombard her students with a ton of information all at once, and then sorta it out as the class moves along. Its four weeks into the class and we're still talking about the readings we did in the first two weeks. As we progress though, I find that I'm getting the material more and more, and that I'm sorta excited to do homework for this class. The professor is amazing and is super enthusiastic about Accounting (I'm not really sure how she can hype up something so boring). She also has Asperger's, which I think makes her a lot more interesting. The people in the class are a little douchey, but there is less group interaction in the class than I had thought there would be.

Statistics: I was under the impression that this class would have a focus on doing statistical analysis in Microsoft Excel. This seemed amazing to me, as its super practical and I need to brush up on my excel skills anyways. But alas, it turns out that although our text book discusses Excel a lot, we don't need to actually learn any of the Excel specific material. Basically, this class is now the exact same thing as AP Stats, which is fine. I know most of the material so this should be an easy class. The teacher is this cute little Asian lady who talks in Engrish, so thats a huge plus.

Management: The material in this class is basically everything I wanted to learn in Business school. The class is literally just 10 students and the professor intimately discussing interpersonal psychology. Its pretty amazing. A lot of people who I've talked to in the class described it as 'touchy feely,' but thats not how I would describe it at all. I think people are calling it 'touchy feely' since its the one of the few theory based core courses. Personally, I prefer classes now with a more theoretical framework, and I think that has a lot to do with Luke's influence on me, since I used to hate classes like that in undergrad (damn you cultural anthropology!). The professor got her PhD at CMU, so we instantly bonded over Pittsburgh.

Economics: This class is basically the bane of my existence. The problem with this class isn't really the material but the professor. Last week, he spent about 45 minutes of class time trying to discuss politics with the class. The class before that he spent the first hour having a conversation with one student about US/China relations. He spends so much time trying to discuss politics that he doesn't have adequate time to go over the actual course material, so when he finally gets around to talking about the material, he skips around rapidly and doesn't explain complex concepts in depth. I swear one day in class I'm going to explode and be like, "We get it, you're ultra conservative. Now can be please discuss the fucking chapter now?" His English is also poor, so its hard to understand him when he actually tries to teach the material. Usually, this wouldn't be a problem because I can follow along with his lecture notes he provides. But since he skips around so much and goes off on tangents, hes impossible to follow along with. Basically, I have to teach myself all of the material and be super vigilant on doing the practice problems every week to make sure I understand everything.

Besides the distinct lack of Luke and Alex times, there are a couple other downsides with being in this MBA program. Class has caused me to start smoking again, but I'm still only smoking about 1-2 cigarettes per day. This is a huge improvement over the almost a pack a day I used to smoke. As long as I stick with American Spirits I should be fine (they are so much work to smoke that I don't want to smoke them often). In addition, I'm still trying to find an internship to do and a used car to buy, but I've just been too busy to properly research either of those things. Buying a used car is pretty important for me right now, but it involves so much work and we don't have much time on the weekends to run around dealerships.

Overall, things are going well. I've been super studious as of late and have been on top of all of my work for the first time in my life. It feels nice to be a good student for a change.


  1. I'm proud of you! Importantly, May needs to happen ASAP. I think I now fully understand Josh and Jason's scheduling techniques.

  2. Meow!

  3. I think there is a benefit to the schedule (speaking as someone who works 9-5 and lives with a girlfriend who often has rehearsal from 6-10).

    I find, that when Mele's and my schedules offset like that, she becomes more motivated to do her schoolwork during the day and I become more motivated to work on my projects during the evenings. Whenever our time off coincides, we're more likely to spend it eating out, watching TV or going to the movies.

    Quality couple time is great, but I'd rather have both quality couple time and the incentive to be productive. Plus, missing each other half the week isn't always a bad thing.

  4. Heh, we have a technique now? It's more like "we're only free on weekends!"

    The good thing is that at least you guys have similar schedules and not dealing with one being nocturnal. I actually changed my schedule with work (I start at 7:30 am) so I could get home earlier to spend extra time with Josh.

    Anyway, I'm really happy you guys are balancing out everything great so far. I agree with Zach's comment about quality time/incentive to be productive, but it's a big challenge on both your ends to make it quality time.

  5. "Purrformance" review? You gotta be kittehn me-ow.

    I don't even care what this post is about; these are the greatest kitteh/businesscat meme pictures ever.