Friday, February 11, 2011

30 Games Condensed Into One Day

So I noticed that on Mitch's Facebook he is doing this 30 Games in 30 Days thing, where he talks about a game a day based on certain categories. I was immediately intrigued and wanted to do my own, but I realized that would take up an entire month's worth of content on this blog. So instead I'm going to do them all in one day. Because of this, my explanations will be a bit short, but I will make more in depth posts about a few of these categories in the future. So without further adieu, here goes my 30 Games in 1 Day:

1) Your Very First Video Game: Super Mario Bros.

This is a little bit of an assumption for me, because I really don't remember exactly. I have vague memories playing this, Zelda, Duck Hunt, and some random NES Trivia game way back when I was still in New Jersey. I honestly couldn't tell you which of those I played first, but because Mario came with the system, I would say its a fair guess.

2) Your Favorite Character: Locke Cole (FF6)

This is the first of many FF6 entries you'll be seeing today. I'm not sure why I love Locke so much, but I do. I also think he's shaped my personality a bit, and definitely has influenced many a DnD character of mine.

3) A Game That is Underrated: Boom Blox 1 and 2

Lets ignore the fact that I've worked on both of those. These games are really good. They are some of the best party games on the Wii and I feel like they are criminally ignored.

4) Your Guilty Pleasure Game: Any Modern JRPG (ex: Tales of Symphonia, Arc Rise Fantasia)

JRPGs used to be my favorite genre of video game. They used to be really good back in the day, but now each and every one is just one giant cliche. There has been so little innovation in the genre this generation that its a little bit sad. Nevertheless, I still find myself with a JRPG itch that I need to scratch every now and then, even if the games themselves are mediocre.

5) Game Character You Feel You Are Most Like: Raine Sage (Tales of Symphonia)

Raine is an Archaeologist, who tries to be as logical as she can at all times. However, she often gets really excited about certain things to the point of acting like a little kid about them. She is constantly trying to find a balance between being both very logical and very emotional at the same time. She also tends to get angry a lot and smack people.

6) Most Annoying Character: Navi (Ocarina of Time)


7) Favorite Game Couple: Locke and Celes (FF6):

I realize that there are probably more interesting gaming couples, but for some reason I just really like Locke and Celes' relationship. I imagine the reason why I like them so much has nothing to do with the relationship itself and everything to do with the Opera scene.

8) Best Soundtrack: Suikoden  and Chrono Cross (Tie)

I honestly don't know which of these soundtracks I enjoy more. Both of them have strong Celtic influences, which I just find interesting. If you haven't played either of these games, do so now. Also, JSJ would kill me if I didn't mention Suikoden in this category.

9) Saddest Game Scene: Celes' Awakening in the World of Ruin (FF6)

So Celes wakes up on a tiny island. She is immediately informed that everyone she knew, including her first love, is dead. Her caretaker, and only living friend at this point, dies shortly after she wakes up (yeah I realize you can save him but its a pain in the ass). Celes then does what any sensible person would do in her situation: try to kill herself. I'm pretty sure I teared up while watching Luke play this scene a few months ago.

10) Best Gameplay: Super Smash Bros. Melee

Smash Bros changed the way we look at fighting games. I really can't think of a single game that I've spent more time playing than Smash Bros. I'm listing Melee over Brawl in this category though, since Melee can be enjoyed equally by the ultra competitive and ultra casual players at once. Also Brawl had tripping, which is not good gameplay.

11) Gaming System of Choice: Wii


12) A Game Everyone Should Play: Final Fantasy 6 and/or Chrono Trigger


13) A Game I've played more than 5 times: FF6

I've played this game all the way through more times than I could count. I've beaten it on Super Nintendo, Playstation 1, and on GBA. I've done Single Character Challenges, Low Level Challenges, Natural Magic Challenges. I can't think of a single game I've beaten more.

14) Current (or most recent) Gaming Wallpaper: Marth (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

Super Gay

15) Post a Screenshot from a game your playing right now: Dragon Age: Awakening

16) Game with the Best Cut scenes: FF10

I honestly don't know about this one, since cut scenes for me are sorta whatever. I'm choosing Final Fantasy X since I like the colorful, water themed style of the cut scenes. 

17) Favorite Antagonist: Kefka FF6


18) Favorite Protagonist: Peach (Mario Bros. 2, Super Princess Peach)

Peach is awesome as a protagonist, mostly because she tends to kick so much ass. I honestly don't understand how she gets captured all of the time, clearly she can take care of herself. I'm sure she lets herself get captured because she likes the attention. Stupid bitch.

19) Picture of a Game Setting I wished I lived in: Earthbound


20) Favorite Genre: Strategy RPGs

Think Shining Force, Fire Emblem, and Final Fantasy Tactics. I really love this style of RPG. They help me scratch my strategy itch during the times I take a break from playing Magic. 

21) Game With the Best Story: Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger's story is amazing. Its simple, its interesting, and doesn't try to take the user on ridiculous twists and turns like most RPGs do.

22) A Game Sequel Which Has Disappointed You: Donkey Kong Country Returns

I realize that 'old school difficulty' is the new fad in gaming right now, but there is a reason that type of gameplay got phased out overtime. I shouldn't have to play every level 10 times in order to memorize the exact pattern of the level. The original Donkey Kong was hard, but it wasn't nearly as hard or frustrating as this sequel.

23) Game I Think Has the Best Graphics or Art Style: Okami

I'm a sucker for watercolor. I can't help it. Kirby's Epic Yarn should get mentioned here too, since it was visually amazing. I guess I'm just not a huge fan of ultrarealistic looking games, since I think they always look awkward.

24) Favorite Classic Game: Pac Man

I love eating pills.

25) A Game I Plan on Playing: Diablo 3

Supposedly, this game will be out this year. I look forward to wasting my life away again.

26) Best Voice Acting: Dragon Age

Voice Acting in video games tends to be pretty painful for me. 90% of it is just so bad. Dragon Age is the only game I can think of at the moment whose voice acting didn't offend me.

27) Most Epic Scene Ever: The Fall of the World of Balance (FF6)

The Fucking World is basically destroyed! I don't think things could get more epic than that.

28) Favorite Game Developer: Nintendo

They've just been the most consistent throughout the years. Blizzard, Bethesda, and Bioware should also be mentioned.

29) A Game I Thought I Wouldn't Like but Ended Up Loving: Final Fantasy VIII

I admit that I bought into all of the disappointment surrounding this game without playing it first. Once I actually sat down and played it, I ended up really enjoying it. I just wish they had left the last disc off. The game's story was amazing up until its stupid twist at the end.

30) Your Favorite Game of All Time: FF6



  1. Kirby's Epic Yarn should have been the answer for everything.