Monday, February 21, 2011


Today marks the 100th post for Life of a True Gaymer!!!! Yay for Milestones!

In order to celebrate the milestone that I never thought I would be celebrating, I'm going to share some interesting statistics about this site.

- This blog has a total of 5,397 Pageviews as of today. 

- The most used tags are: 

1) MTG - 29 times
2) News - 21 times
3) Politics - 15 times

I didn't mean for the blog to be so heavily magic focused, its the just the only game I play consistently so I have the most to say about it.

- The most popular articles (determined by pageview) are as follows:

3) Today is Judgment Day (72 pageviews) 

4) Continuing Koth's Rampage (67 pageviews) 

- Most of my pageviews are from going to the site directly, Networked Blogs on Facebook, and Google search results (yeah the blog appears on Google searches).

-Most of my pageviews are from the United States, Canada, the UK, and Japan. Which all make sense since I know people in all of those places. However, I also have 30 pageviews from Russia, 30 from Malaysia, and 20 from Slovenia. Apparently, I have international reach. 

Thats all for now. Remember that I'm always taking contributions or article suggestions, so just get in contact with me. Hopefully, this blog can make it to another 100 posts! Yayayayayayay!


  1. Hooray for dead presidents and the number 100! There's probably a bad and historically inaccurate Ben Franklin joke in there somewhere, but I'm too tired to make it.