Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What to Expect for the New Year

I have to say, that when I started this blog in October I had no idea it would even make it into the New Year. My New Years Resolution is to ensure that this blog doesn't die a slow death once school starts for me. This is going to be a challenge, as I'm sure my motivation to blog will start dwindling once I have my first essay to turn in or test to study for. Luckily, I have been brainstorming and writing down ideas for future articles in order to ensure that this blog will have content for months to come. Here are some of the articles to expect this year:

1) When I started this blog, I really wanted a heavier dinosaur emphasis. They are even mentioned in the main tag line! However, with the exception of a couple of news roundups, dinosaurs have been fairly absent on this blog. Part of the problem is that paleontology news is either bad or hard to come by. As such, I will be introducing a new feature called Dinosaur of the Month, which will be a monthly informative spotlight on a particular dinosaur. Each one will discuss general information about the dinosaur, recent findings, and controversy surrounding the animal. Fun and Educational! Derp.

2) I will be posting a Magic: the Gathering instructional video sometime this month. This will be a three part video tutorial on how to play Magic, so that I never have to give that awful lecture ever again. This is a really big project which requires a lot of set up, so it probably won't be done until I finish playing Dragon Age.

3) While I will continue doing my Supreme Court reviews for recent games, I will also be doing unbaised reviews of old games. Oftentimes, we tend to be really nostalgic for our old favorites, and this nostalgia tends to blind us from the obvious problems in the games we played when we were younger. The first game reviewed this way? Final Fantasy 6. While it may be my favorite game ever, this game still has A LOT of flaws that need to be discussed.

4) I will also try and branch out my coverage of games more this year. I realize that I never really broke out of being a predominantly Wii guy after being pigeonholed as a Nintendo specialist at EA, and thus most of the time I talk about Wii games to the exclusion of all else. Now that I have a PC that can actually do some gaming, I can branch out my coverage a bit more and write Supreme Court reviews for games that aren't published by Nintendo.

Ad Astra

5) Another aspect of gaming which I have mostly ignored are board games. Considering the amount of board games we still play, I am a bit surprised on how little coverage they've gotten on this site. Expect more board game reviews and strategy information in the months to come. Also expect me to write about Ad Astra in the very near future.

If you have any topic ideas, suggestions for the blog itself, or want to write an article, please get in contact with me. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want some feedback on how to improve the site. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks.


  1. 2011 will also be the year of more Luke-written articles since Alex will be going to school in the evenings. Topics for discussion will be board games, nostalgic games, a heavier emphasis on music, and probably more LGBT/female legal news articles as I approach my next professional endeavor.


  2. I am going to be all over that tutorial video, so get that shit up nao-ish.