Monday, January 31, 2011

This Week In News

LA Noire gets a May 17th release date.

Interesting article about the kinds of enemies we fight in video games.

Full Marvel vs Capcom 3 roster has been leaked. Its still awesome that Amatarasu is a playable character.

Tons of new information came out last week on the new PSP (Next Generation Portable). Here are some of the details.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games and other random Wii Party Games may be getting theatrical adaptations. Wow...

Probably one of the most hilarious video game reviews I have ever read: IGN's Dead Space 2 review.

Information is now out regarding new Age of Empires and Civilization games.

Remember that Mc Donald's hot coffee incident in the 90s that everyone turns to when they need an example of frivolous lawsuits? Turns out, the woman was 100% justified in her lawsuit and the incident ruined her life.

LOL. Conservatives attempt to pull a sting on Planned Parenthood similar to the ACORN one and fail miserably.

I think de-funding the Department of Education will definitely make American workers competitive with the rest of the world.

The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission has released their official report about the causes of the Financial Crisis.

First Tunisia, then Egypt, and now Yemen. This just in ... Al-Jazeera is the best source for international news.

More evidence that life may have came to Earth via asteroid.

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  1. I've been yelling at people about the McDonald's hot coffee incident since 2005 (1L Torts).