Monday, January 17, 2011


New Kid Icarus footage has been revealed. The 3DS seems pretty awesome thus far.

More new info on Skyrim has been released.

10 Most anticipated RPGs for 2011. Out of these I'm most looking forward to Skyrim and Dragon Age 2.

Scientist can predict your gaming skills based on how big parts of your brain are.

MTG Tactics comes out tomorrow. Its free to play, so theres no reason not to try it I guess.

Several Arizona Republicans quit citing safety concerns after receiving Tea Party threats.

Here is a quick rundown of whats been happening in Tunis recently.

A Tale of Two Moralities.

Man denied from Ohio BAR from having too much debt after law school.

Was there ever a dinosaur civilization? Lulz.

A new ecosystem is evolving at the site of Chernobyl.

6000 year old Winery has been found in Armenia.

 7 Things guys ignore when caring for their clothes.

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  1. MTG Tactics looks like it came straight from the 90s.

    My excitement meter went from 10 to -1341313114412312312321.4

    Damn it.