Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Magic Instructional Fail

So yesterday, I got to work on my promise to Mel and Cooper and started recording the first part of the Magic Instructional Video series. I've never made an online video like this before, so the entire project has been a learning process for me. In all honestly, making an online video like this is a pretty simple process ... but that didn't stop me from failing repeatedly.

My first take was good. My instructions were clear and my examples were sufficient, however I accidentally made the video in the wrong file type, which resulted in a file that was over half a gig in size with awful quality. My second take was perfect. I had chosen the right file type this time and my lecture was smooth again. However, when I previewed the video, there was a random black box covering half of the screen during the entire second half of the video. Sigh. Third times a charm I guess. My third take was excellent and there was nothing wrong with it. I upload the video to Youtube only to find out ... Youtube video uploads have a max limit of 15 minutes and the first video of the series was 20 minutes long. I guess I should have anticipated that.

The 15 minute maximum length of each video changes the structure that I wanted my video series to follow. Its not really a big deal, but it will encompass more posts than I wanted to originally because of this. My next course of action was to find a good video splitter software, so that I can divide my first lecture into two parts. I downloaded a high rated video editing software, and attempted to split the video. However, the program would crash every time I attempted to split the video. Frustrated, I uninstalled the software and downloaded a different program. This time, the program couldn't even open my original video. Somehow, the first program messed up my original video and now I have to record my first lecture all over again...

I cannot believe that this project has been one big load of fail so far. I'm still going to work on it, but I need a break for today as I'm too frustrated to deal with it at the moment. Basically, the video is coming, I just need a little more time.

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