Monday, December 13, 2010

Quite a Bit of Video Game News This Week

The VGAs were last weekend. I didn't watch them but I heard they were as painful as I would've thought. Long Story short: Red Dead Redemption won Game of the Year.

They did however, announce Elder Scrolls 5 during the award show.

This is an interesting take on Metriod: Other M. I still haven't gotten around to picking this up, but that article gave me a couple of things to keep in mind as I play through it.

New Resident Evil for the 3DS looks amazing.

Kratos will apparently be a playable character in the next Mortal Kombat. Lulz.

Possible ending for Starcraft 2's Next Chapter has been leaked.

EA Games Label President, Frank Gibeau, says that single player video games are a thing of the past. EA and Activision executives sure do love to make grandiose trolling statements don't they?

Top Ten Mysterious Video Game Characters of all time. Of course, Q is on there.

Senate Rejects Defense Bill (DADT repeal). Duh.

Study shows that a babies' biological clock does shape some personality traits. For instance, Babies born in Winter have a higher chance of neurological disorders.

Now that Arsenic life form finding announced a couple weeks is being called into question. Apparently, NASA jumped the gun on this one.

There is some evidence that the universe has existed forever.

This is the kind of shit that makes me glad I left Archaeology: The American Anthropological Association removes the word 'science' from its long term goals.

Cupcake Lulz.

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