Friday, December 3, 2010

More Updates

So it is official: I did not get an interview at USC. There is still a small chance that I could get accepted or wait-listed without an interview, but I'm pretty over it at this point. I have also decided that I don't want to mess around applying to Berkeley or UCLA. I can't be sure that it was my GMAT score and GPA that made me not get an interview at USC. If it was simply not having enough work experience that did me in, then there is nothing I can really do it about it at this moment. And applying to those schools means spending most of next year trying to find a job at the same time and doing more of the same stuff. I liked taking a break and playing housewife for a bit, but I'm itching to start doing something real again. Overall, it just doesn't really seem worth it.

Where I will be the next couple years.

So I spent all day yesterday getting my stuff together for LMU. If I hurry up on my financial aid stuff, I can get everything sorted out in time to start on Jan 10th. I am going in on Wednesday for academic advising so I can start registering for classes. I'm excited to be going back to school again. Expect this blog to slow down a little bit, since I'll be busy trying to get my shit together during the next couple of weeks.

Other than that, what else have I been up to? Well, I have officially given up on making my Big Red deck work in Standard. One day while I was play testing with Zach he asked me, "Why play that deck over Red Deck Wins? Are the match-ups different at all?" I basically had no real response to this. The match-ups were about the same, except my deck was clunkier but didn't roll over to Kor Firewalker. Basically there was no reason why I shouldn't be running Red Deck Wins. The problem though, is that Red Deck Wins isn't even very good right now. It hasn't been showing up in top 8 lists recently nor has it been getting much press. I wanted to play a deck like Red Deck Wins that was actually good. The solution was to play Boros.

This chick is so good.

I have started testing a Japanese list I found, and so far its been promising. You can see my list here. It was easy to switch to this deck since I already had like 90% of the cards for it. The next real Standard tournament is the Star City Games 5k in San Jose on January 15th. I think Luke and I are going to try and do a road trip up north for this, but we'll see. I start classes on the 10th, so going on a weekend trip at that point might be awkward.

Awesome Donkey Kong Fan Art.

The last thing I wanted to say is that the new Donkey Kong is amazing. It is also incredibly difficult, so its probably going to take a while for Luke and I to finish it. I imagine it will take Alito and Sotomayor even longer.

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