Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Articles

Wizards has announced that they are making EDH pre-constructed decks with brand new cards specifically designed for Multi-player. Also, the format is now called Commander.

Epic Mickey is officially out.  It currently has a 79 Metacritic score, which isn't bad.

This is for Jules: Guy hacks marriage proposal into Earthbound.

Judge for a case involving Xbox modding berates the prosecution on the usefulness of the case.

Interesting opinion piece about sex in video games.

Penatgon study says that gays can serve in the military with no harm. The release of this study still won't speed along the repeal of DADT.

9th Circuit Judicial Panel has been revealed for the Prop 8 case. The panel consists of two liberal judges, which is good news for Prop 8 opponents. The judge panel has already been challenged, however the panel will remain the same. Hearings start this week.

I didn't know this until recently but, The Salvation Army is a pro-life, anti-gay, evangelical Christian organization.

U.S Judge says lesbians can be 'cured' by male soldiers.

Mercury poisoning makes male ibises gay (wow there was a lot of gay news last week).

I'm sure everyone knows about the new arsenic life form already.

The universe holds 3x more stars than previously thought.

Christianity in Egypt may have started earlier than expected. Wouldn't BYU doing biblical archaeology be a conflict of interest? Surely their interpretations have a high chance of being biased.

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