Monday, December 20, 2010

Meow Mondays

Biggest news this week? The repeal of DADT. Everyone has read about this already, so let me just say yayayayay and then move onto to some gaming news.

As of today, Bosh, Memnrach and a few other legends are now legal as generals in EDH/commander due to a rules clarification. Also Emrakul is banned.

In other news, there are making a free to play Magic turned based strategy game. It will probably be bad, but I'll try it out once it releases soon (Holiday 2010 so basically any day now).

This is a recently released collection of interesting gaming statistics. Apparently, 360 users are about split between the time spent playing single player and multi-player online.

Here is a quick preview of all of the things gamers can look forward to in 2011.

EA CEO bashes the Wii and Nintendo's willingness to support third party developers.

Sega is making a game based on toilets that you can pee on. Amazing.

I don't see why there aren't more holocaust video games.

LA Noire's actually has decent looking people for a video game thanks to a new technology called motion scanning.

EA Employees release an Its Gets Better video. Its weird that I actually recognize one of the guys.

The New Yorker recently profiled Shigeru Miyamoto.

Only a matter of time before this happened. Also, I love Ken Cuccinelli.

Supreme Court rules against 'First Sale' copywrite doctrine.

Raptor like dinosaur has been discovered in Eastern Utah.

Study shows that Ecstasy makes it harder for the brain to register negative facial expressions.

The Sun has recently exploded in a huge eruption ... well part of it has anyways.

The state of the scientific review process.

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