Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Timez

This week has been pretty slow over here. Besides this post, there have been only two posts this week, and one of those was the news (which takes me like two seconds to do). There will not be any more posts for the rest of the week. This doesn't mean that 'Life of a True Gaymer' is dying or anything. Its just that this week has basically been Christmas break, and I'm trying to get in as much relaxing as I can before school starts.

I've also started playing Dragon Age, which has sucked up quite a bit of my time as of late. I'm trying to beat the game before classes start, which I think is entirely doable. Granted, me playing Dragon Age is definitely one of the reasons I will not be posting during this Christmas Break. But whatever, most of my readers have been traveling recently anyways. Posts will resume on Monday.

Merry Christmas assholes!