Monday, November 8, 2010

Some Links To Make Your Monday Go Faster

Lets start off a little bit retro: Here is a review of Planescape Torment.

This is probably one of the best pre-order bonuses I have ever seen.

Video Game network G4 is being dropped. They only had like 3 original shows anyways and even those were painful to watch.

Kinect is out! Here is a bunch of information on it for those who care.

Steven Spielberg originally planned to do two games with EA: LMNO and PQRS. PQRS ended up being called Boom Blox, and LMNO is never saw the light of day. Fortunately, EA released some footage recently as to what LMNO could have been.

7 Things Progressives need to keep in mind about last week's so called GOP wave.

Obviously, more old people vote Republican and they tend to vote more often than young people (Aimee you are the reason Joe Sestak lost).

Luke and I are planning a trip to Uganda soon. Anyone else down?

9th Circuit grants stay of DADT ruling. With a Republican controlled House now, we'll be seeing DADT stick around for a bit longer.

Adbusters gets banned from a Canadian Pharmacy chain for displaying back to back photos of Gaza and Warsaw ghettos. Lulz.

Obama holds the White House's first science fair

Studies like this come out every few years and always say the exact same thing. The media picks up on it, hypes it a little bit, and then nothing is done about it.

On a related note: Smart people apparently do more psychoactive drugs.

10 Strange (and awesome) things about the universe.

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