Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I realize that I did a post about Magic less than a week ago, but it continues to be the game I play the most and there is a never ending amount of Magic topics to write about. In the past, I had mostly written from a competitive stand point, but today I'm going to do things a bit differently and talk about building a super casual EDH deck.

Luke and I have been in the habit as of late of building super thematic EDH decks. Luke's last deck was a creepy crawly deck, full of insects and spiders and other disgusting creatures. My last deck was a Knight deck which was not only Knight tribal, but every single non-creature, non-land card in it had to do with Knighthood in some way. A couple of nights ago, Luke came up with the idea to do a deck based around space and time, and I decided that I wanted to do another ridiculous theme deck too. There was a problem though ... I couldn't think of anything good.

Luke's deck will be filled with cards with art like this.

At first I thought that I wanted to do a mono black or black/red mirror to my knight deck so that I can have two decks that hate each other, but I couldn't find a good general for that and I wanted to do something more abstract. Then I thought about a deck full of townsfolk based around farming, which would be hilarious but tribal themed, which I wanted to avoid. I also had the idea of building a deck around Anri Branford, one my recurring DnD characters. The problem with that though, was that only Zach and Jason would really get it and they don't even play much Magic anymore for the most part. I liked the idea though, and decided tobuild a deck based around my general from a flavor perspective. For instance, I could make a deck with Gerrard as my general and bunch of cards which are named after him, have to do with his storyline, and describe him as a character. Doing a deck based on Gerrard or anyone from the Weatherlight Saga was too easy however, so I started browsing the old school Legends set and came across this bitch:

For starters, I have never seen this card before nor did I know it even existed. She has no story whatsoever. The only thing I know about her is that she likes rainbows. However, shes in colors I feel like playing and actually has a halfway decent ability. So now comes the challenge of building a deck based around a character I know next to nothing about. Before I start this, I have to set down some guidelines for myself:

1) Since the deck focuses around her, she can be the only Legendary creature in the deck. No planeswalkers are allowed either, as I can't let anyone steal her thunder.

2) Favorfully, all spells must be like she is casting them, which means I can't include any cards which reference another character. For example, I can use anything like Teferi's Moat or Jace's Ingenuity. In addition, I also cannot include cards which reference other places, so nothing like Esper Charm.

3) I have to include every single card having to do with rainbows in the history of Magic. These cards are: Rainbow Vale, Rainbow Crow, and Rainbow Efreet. If anymore rainbow cards are made they must go in the deck.

4) For the most part, the creatures in the deck have to make sense in context. For instance, it makes zero sense for her to be summoning Eldrazi.

5) I am allowed up to 5 cards which can be considered off theme. When I say off theme, I don't mean that I can break the previous rules all willy nilly. I mean that I'm allowed a certain amount of debatable cards. For instance, I want to include Expedition Map, which is sorta generic and arguably doesn't fit the theme.

This deck will probably be super gay.
With those rules in place, its time for me to figure out who exactly Lady Evangela is and how I can make a theme deck around her. In regards to her personality, just look at her artwork. She looks innocent, but she also looks like she has a secret. Her secret is that she knows black magic, but keeps it on the down low. Which means that mechanically, I will be limiting the amount of black spells in the deck. Shes a bit gentle so she prefers to find other means of dealing with conflict. To represent this, there will be no direct creature kill in the deck. She would rather immobilize or exile creatures.

Her updated card text has her as a Human Cleric. Theoretically, I could do a cleric tribal deck, but I want to avoid tribal and I've actually seen Cleric Tribal lists online with her as a general. One idea I have is to focus on the rainbow aspect of her personality and create a color based deck. I could use the blue color shifting spells along side the plethora of white and black color hosing effects. Alternatively, Lady Evangela likes to spread the rapture she feels onto others, which to me means auras. I could build the deck as if she were some sort of enchantress, running around the multi-verse filling people with joy. Both deck ideas lead themselves to interesting and flavorful decks.

So what do you guys think? Is she better suited as a colorful sorceress or as wayward enchantress? I'm still in the brainstorming phase, so some input or any other suggestions will be nice. I will keep everyone updated on how this ridiculous deck turns out, and I will also post about Luke's abstract space and time deck once its completed too.


  1. Don't forget prismatic cards!!!

  2. True dat. Another option is to have her cards centered around light. This would combine the color shifting stuff somewhat since there is some overlap.


  4. I can now vouch that Time Reversal (see artwork above) is one of the most amazing cards ever.