Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday News Timez

Before I start doling out links today, I just wanted to apologize for how content lite last week was. I was preparing for a tournament and spent most of the afternoons playing magic with Zach. Also, I was lazy.

Create is a Boom Bloxesque EA game which might be worth looking into.

A new amazing Donkey Kong Country Returns trailer has been released. The game comes out November 21st, just in time for Thanksgiving weekend.

Some classic Capcom arcade titles are coming to the Wii's Virtual console.

IGN has released a Top 25 Wii Games of All Time list. Unfortunately its a slideshow.

The upcoming Mario Sports Mix will also feature Final Fantasy Characters. Now you can play beach volleyall as a moogle! Lulz.

Very interesting article on the way Fallout: New Vegas handled homosexual characters in game.

With the potentially new DnD campaign starting up (the Eldrazi campaign exploded as soon as Mitch left), I thought it would be appropriate to link to this simple interview process to help flesh out your character.

Someone created a bot that goes around owning anti-science people on Twitter.

Details on Pentagon's DADT study shows minimal risk to military from lifting the ban.

Interesting and controversial study was done by an anthropology professor at Berkeley regarding why black kids are failing in schools.

The Large Hadron Collider is doing awesome stuff again.

Debunking the myth that Coke Zero is bad for you.

Stone Age etchings found in the Amazon river basic hint at an ancient civilization in the region.

New Girl Talk Album is out today! As with the rest of his stuff, you can download the album for free. EDIT: Here is an alternate download site as the main site is super sluggish at the moment.

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