Monday, November 29, 2010

Lite News Week

I was too busy this weekend drinking 3 dollar Argentinian wine and playing party games to really be online looking for articles for everyone. As a result today will have less links than usual. So ... sorry about that.

 3DS games will apparently be expensive to develop.

Netflix is now officially offering a Streaming Only Plan.

Elder Scrolls V will be a direct sequel to Oblivion. Maybe once I actually get my new computer I'll finally be able to play through Oblivion and appreciate this.

Wikileaks has released a huge bunch of US embassy documents.

Countries remove sexual orientation from a list of groups it would be discriminatory to execute. Yay!

I'm sure everyone knows about this already: North Korea has opened fire on South Korea. News talks about it for a day ... before it gets overshadowed by Brisol Palin losing Dancing with the Stars.

Also in the everyone already knows this already category: Fox News donates 40 million in airtime to potential GOP candidates.

U.S is ready to being human stem cell research.

Large Hadron Collider has revealed that the early universe was a liquid.

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