Monday, November 22, 2010

Links To Pass the Time

This is for Scott mostly: First/Last look at Mercs 3.
Mercs 2 was a nightmare, so I can't imagine what Mercs 3 would have been like.

Some cool Goldeneye cheats have been revealed.

New study fails to link video games to negative behavior.

Blizzard has been posting job ads for Diablo 3 console developers.

Interesting blog post about someone reminiscing over FF6.

This picture has nothing to do with anything.

The 9th circuit has scheduled the hearings for the Prop 8 case for the first week of December.

Supreme Court continues to consider corporations as people.

Hilarious robocall in Maryland during the mid-term elections is now drawing some criticism.

Archaeological find is threatened by China's desire to build a huge copper mine in Afghanistan.

Scientist are proposing one way trips to Mars to save money on research costs. I would do that in a second.

Scientists at CERN have finally captured anti-matter.


  1. lol Mercs Inc.

    that is all

    Excellent finds, my friend!


  2. Seriously, let's sign up ASAP for the one-way Mars trip. We can't afford not to go!