Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lady Evangela Update

Earlier this month, I wrote a post about my new EDH deck based around Lady Evangela. At the time, I didn't really know Lady Evangela's backstory or personality, and the deck was in its initial planning stages. I have officially made a rough draft of the deck. Before I show you the list or talk about the deck itself, I think its important to know her backstory. Warning: This is basically fan fiction.

Lady Evangela was born into nobility in the small Kingdom of Westphal, in the southern regions of Dominaria. As a little girl, Evangela became obsessed with rainbows, and the sight of one would fill her with joy. Her mother saw the peace that rainbows would bring to her, so she taught her how to create her own rainbows using a prism. At that point, Lady Evangela decided that she would dedicate her life to study of rainbows, prisms, and light.

Once she came of age, she was taken under of the study of Lady Gabriella, the Westphal Royal Seer. Under her tutelage, Evangela learned how prisms and crystals could be used to see into the future. She studied under Gabriella for many years but eventually reached a plateau in her abilities. Striving to advance her magic, Evangela sought out the study of a famous witch in the area. The witch taught her terrible magic, and Lady Evangela felt more powerful than she had ever felt before. Not only was she able to see events in the near future, she was able to see distant lands. Unfortunately, she was greeted with dire news once she returned to the castle. Lady Gabriella had died and she was to inherit her position as Royal Seer.

Stricken with grief, Lady Evangela accepted the prestigious position. She acquired a bird familiar and named it after her mentor in her honor. Things went smoothly with her new position at first, but she found herself increasingly overstepping her boundaries. She was no longer trying to see the future to protect her kingdom, she was using her scrying abilities to spy on neighboring kingdoms. Eventually, a rival sorcerer discovered what she was doing and informed the king. Angry that Evangela could have potentially created a diplomatic nightmare for the kingdom, he relieved her of her position. It was then that Evangela realized that the black magic had she learned was corrupting her very soul.

Ashamed of herself, Evangela fled and joined a small church at the edge of the kingdom. She vowed that she would repent for her sins and decided never to use her black magic again. During her time at the church, Lady Evangela learned the sacred arts of healing, and developed a bond with angelic beings. One day, the church was attacked by a group of barbarians from the north. In an attempt to save her friends and colleagues, Evangela tried to summon an angel to stave off the barbarians. However, in her desperation, she accidentally used her black magic in the summoning, creating a powerful Angel of Death. The angel successfully fought off the attackers, but her fellow clerics were horrified of her power. Despite saving everyone's lives, Evangela was excommunicated from the church.

Lost in the world, Evangela roamed aimlessly for a bit, and eventually came to the continent of Sarpadia. As she explored the Kingdom of Icatia (before its fall), she ran into a wandering mage who was searching for a land called the Rainbow Vale. The possibility of a land full of rainbows raised Evangela's spirits once more. She then decided that she will try and find the Rainbow Vale. With that she set off with her Wandering Mage companion and Rainbow Crow on a quest filled with adventure...

Modern day Rainbow Vale

Anyways, that ended up being longer than I expected. Now here is the decklist for your enjoyment. I've played the deck a couple of times now and have come to the following conclusion: It Sucks. It was designed to be this political control deck, which can protect itself really well and lies low while everyone kills each other. The problem is that it has no late game. It doesn't do anything broken or degenerate, and has no recursion or anything like that. I might up the coming into play/blink subtheme it has going, since that is one of my favorite mechanics anyways and it gives the deck a good late game card advantage engine.

By the way, I am only using three off themed cards out of my allowed five in the deck. Those cards are: Identity Crisis, Death Grasp, and Godhead of Awe. I want to eventually put in a Debtors' Knell and Divinity of Pride, since both of those cards are amazing and would up the power level of the deck to respectable levels. The Godhead of Awe sucks and she needs to go immediately. Its interesting that most of my leeway cards are black, although thats probably because Lady Evangela basically has no business being black other than the fact that she was printed before the color pie was cemented.

Overall, the deck is actually quite fun to play, it just needs a little bit of a power boost. If any of you have any suggestions, let me know.


  1. Plus, with your help in finding the general, I think Lady Evangela needs a friend whom she meets on her journey. A friend with an equally fractured, but in a different way, backstory. I WANT TO DO FAN FICTION MAGIC.

  2. Alex -

    Regarding the decklist, I think it's just a bit unfocused. I'm not sure exactly which cards you consider on-theme, but I'd seriously consider removing, just on the basis of power level:

    Godhead of Awe
    Pentad Prism
    Voice of All
    Death Grasp
    Mistmeadow Witch
    Wandering Mage

    I assume all the "rainbow" creatures are on-theme so I won't even suggest them :P (Diamond Kaleidoscope is SO bad though.)

    Lastly, I think you're a little overloaded on targeted 1for1 removal. You want to have some, of course -- probably StP/Unmake/O-Ring (I am not a big fan of Path to Exile, but it's playable).

    I think you have trouble establishing enough of a board presence to "lie low". You need some more defensive elements so you can sit behind your instants and play your politics -- Rainbow Crow ain't cutting it. Wall of Denial pops to mind immediately (and is moderately prismatic!), and cards in that vein.

    It seems like a lot of fun and I like that you don't play any Wraths -- might be wise to get a few more pseudo-Wraths like Evacuation in there, though.

    And -- Storm Herd actually seems awesome for this deck, although it's just dumb in EDH overall.

  3. Some cards like Wandering Mage and the Rainbow cards are actually thematic. It not like I want the deck to be good, just competent. It should be able to steal a game every now and then.

    I forgot Wall of Denial exists, that is definitely going in there. Also Final Judgment and Wash Out as more pseudo wraths since she can only exile/tuck/bounce.