Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Goldeneye Initial Impressions

The Goldeneye remake was one of the most anticipated Wii games of 2010, and there was a lot of hype leading up to its release last week. I haven't had a chance to pick it up yet, but luckily for me Johnny got it day 1. Last weekend, we had the opportunity to play some drunken split-screen multi-player at Cooper and Johnny's, and I'm glad to say that the game is pretty fun. I haven't played it enough to really confirm if it had lived up to the hype, but I was pleased with it overall.

Before I begin, I have to confess that I only played the original N64 Goldeneye a couple of times, so I don't fully get all of the nostalgia effect while playing the remake, and as such I won't have any nostalgia clouding my judgment as it usually does.

If this guy weren't directly in front of the screen, I would not be able to see him.
1) This might just have been the TV we were playing on, but the game is really dark and on some levels its impossible to see anything that's not directly in front of you. In addition, there is no in game brightness settings to help remedy this. Text size is super small and the radar is small and hard to read. If I weren't sitting directly in front of the TV it would have been very difficult for me to play this game.

2) The game is slow paced, which is something that I personally really enjoy. The worst part about a game like Halo for me, is spawning and then getting shot at immediately. Some people enjoy the fast paced action like that, but I like to take my time. This also might be because we weren't playing online so there was only 4 people on a large map, but whatever I still found this aspect enjoyable and it allowed me plenty of time to get used to the controls and the flow of the game in general.

3) I played with the Gamecube controller, and it wasn't bad. The button to melee was difficult to figure out and awkward to execute and the pointer sensitivity could have been a little bit higher, but these are easy things to fix with custom controls. Johnny seemed to be having some problems using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, so as with most Wii games, I recommend against that control scheme. The game comes bundled with a golden Classic Controller (which is awesome), so I would imagine the Classic Controller would have the best control scheme. I didn't get a chance to play with it though.

Split Screen is where its at
4) The special options you can put on multi-player games are what made this game such a blast to play. There is an option called 'Singularity' in which any player explodes if they come in physical contact with another player. Being able to dash into someone to kill both of you is pretty hilarious, and this was easily Luke's favorite thing to do (suffice to say, he didn't win many games). Melee only was also amazing, especially on smaller levels. Some of the modes hadn't been unlocked yet, so I can only imagine that they get crazier and crazier.

5) The Golden Gun mode is pretty unspectacular. This has everything to do with how terrible the Golden Gun is. While it still kills in one hit like the original, it fires so slowly that unless you sneak up on someone, it is impossible to kill anyone with it before they kill you. After a while, the mode devolves into going around hunting anyone who is stupid enough to actually pick up the dropped Golden Gun. Disappointing.

Overall, despite its flaws I had a really good time playing split-screen multi-player. I really want to try out the online multi-player component as I think that could have some potential. Will I pick up this game? Probably, I want to make sure the online component is good first. At the moment this game is firmly in my 'I'll pick this up but not until it drops in price' list.

It has an 81 Metacritic score.

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  1. As we first started playing, I was a bit skeptical that this version would have the same appeal as the original. But by the time we finished playing, I was sufficiently satisfied.

    What I dislike is the Halo-esque quality to some of the stages (too big, too open, too hard to kill your opponents without a sniper). What I like are some of the stage modifiers, such as being able to simply touch your opponent and cause both you and that person to explode. This made me laugh, really hard.