Monday, October 25, 2010

ZaNoWriMo Update: 10/25/10

During my first attempt at NaNoWriMo, in Fall 2003, I was ditching eighty percent of my classes and burning away most of my free time playing Gunbound. Granted, at the time I also worked as both a United Artists usher and an Editorial Intern, but even those two jobs and school combined didn't add up to full-time hours. In the end, I failed to reach the target 50,000 words, giving up at midnight on the final evening at just over 47,000. Lose.

Then, in 2005, I was living in Moscow. I had an hour commute to class and back everyday, lived a busy life full of museums, traveling and partying, and wrote everything by hand. On the final evening of that November, I locked myself in my room with a bottle of vodka and gave myself an awful hangover and an awful hand cramp to the tune of 7,000 words. I succeeded in hitting the target 50,000 words, just barely. Win.

Chapter Three finished.
Word count so far: 49,590 words.
Target pace as of the end of 10/24/2010: 48,774 words.

I have surpassed that 2003 total in 4/5th the time and I've almost matched my 2005 total in such leisurely fashion that I have to wonder: is my life these days spent that much more like a hermit's? Am I John Turturro in Barton Fink? Or have I become that much better conditioned to behave on self-imposed routine? Is writing this month just another clock to punch? Am I now, to the detriment of my imagination, mindlessly writing wrestling movies? In other words, am I wasting my time?

Probably, but at least I'm ahead of the pace. Woot!


  1. I doubt it's a waste of time if you're giving your brain some exercise. Are you, however, a hermit? Maybe, but humans suck so I fully support the hermit lifestyle.

  2. Um...this has nothing to do with gaming.