Monday, October 18, 2010

ZaNoWriMo Update: 10/18/10

I wish I were better at this science-fiction thing. Over halfway into the word count and I can't for the life of me get the sci-fi aspect to kick in. Kick in, sci-fi! Kick in!

Chapter Two finished.
Word count so far: 34,058 words.
Target pace as of the end of 10/17/2010: 34,548 words.

Nothing adds up more than four hours spent in the same coffee shop. Live long and force be with you.


  1. I always differentiate Star Trek and Star Wars by thinking of Star Trek as Science Fiction (there's a constant need to justify or explain, scientifically, the actions being taken or the plot [with some plots solely revolving around technological items and their functions]) and Star Wars as Science Fantasy (who the fuck knows how a hyperdrive works or what fuel they use - exempting certain of the books). If you think of it like that, maybe you could lean more towards Science Fantasy, which would give you more control over the universe you're creating, and would require less slavish scientific justifications.

  2. I still have no idea what you're writing about.

  3. Holierthan,

    I agree with your standpoint. Your explanation makes sense. My only rebuttal is that I would still consider Star Wars to exist under the gigantic umbrella term "Science Fiction" even though "Fantasy" makes more sense. However, I really just chose those pictures because I found them entertaining.

    The main reason that science fiction is not "kicking in" is that it's taking me what looks like 40,000 plus words just to hash out who the characters are. I guess that's the point of the exercise. No full plot line will come out of this, and that's fine with me.

    A. Ruiz,

    Go sit on a dick.