Thursday, October 14, 2010

Personal Updates

I'm proud of myself for keeping up with this blog so far. Its been around for almost a month and already has more posts on it than the Canfield Science and Law Review. To put things into perspective, my last blogging attempt, Tap Dat!, was rarely posted in and barely lasted over a month. This blog has had continuous content on it since its inspection, and this is something I didn't really think I could do when I started it.

I had assumed that the only people who actually read this blog were Luke, Jason, Zach, and sometimes Jules. When a couple non-Canfield people commented and talked to me a bit about my Final Fantasy character analysis, I was quite surprised. I assumed this was a fluke because the subject matter of those posts were so awesome, but nevertheless I took it as a good sign. Today, I wanted to take the time to update everyone I don't talk to on a regular basis on what I've been up to with my life.

For those of you who might now know, Luke and I have spent the last year in Pittsburgh because he couldn't find a job in LA and I desperately needed a change in scenery. I had originally planned on trying to continue with Archaeology/Paleontology while I was on the East Coast, but a boring internship at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History made me rethink those plans. I had decided that I was going to try for an MBA, and took the Gmat. That was the only real work I did though. I basically spent the entire year in Pittsburgh on an extended vacation, which was fine with me because I needed the break. I played lots of Magic, learned to cook, and met a lot of cool people there. It also made me appreciate LA more, since I never want to experience "real weather" or seasons ever again.

I would not be surprised to see this in PA.

We returned back to glorious CA in August because Luke got a job at a small civil rights firm in the Valley. I had gotten a call from 2K to interview for a testing position less than a week after we had moved back. I figured that doing some grunt testing would be a good way to kill time while I applied for Business Schools. My interview went absurdly well, so Luke and I decided to move to North Hollywood/Studio City so that we could be close to both of our jobs. After we had secured our apartment in Studio City, I discovered that I in fact did not get the job at 2K ... awkward. I am assuming that the project they were hiring for got pushed back or something, since I refuse to believe that I did not get the job with my experience/amazing interview.

I've been applying for jobs again, but the market right now is terrible. I did manage to get my unemployment benefit extended for a few months, so I'm less stressed out about it than I was. Depending on where I get into business school, I could start as early as January, so I would only need to hold out for a little bit longer. I figure if I get into a school which starts next Fall, then I will just get a job through a temp agency or hire a headhunter.

Speaking of business school, my applications to LMU and USC are almost done. Once all of my letters of recommendation come in, I will be done. I should find out whether or not I got into those schools fairly quickly, so if I don't get in, I still have time to broaden my search and apply for round 2 applications in a number of places. I get recruitment emails from random schools everyday because of my high GMAT score, so I take that as a good sign that I should be able to get in somewhere pretty easily. Once I get my MBA, I'll probably attempt to return to the video game industry in a more managerial position. I am also considering opening my own hobby store, but I don't know how feasible that actually is. I would like to be a part of a start up video game company at some point in the far future.

I also quit smoking since I've been back. Well that's not entirely true. I still smoke when I drink, buts that's all really, and even then its actually getting harder and harder for me to smoke while drunk. I was smoking almost a pack a day in Pittsburgh, so this is a welcome change.

I'm also studying for my driving test and we're thinking about getting me a bike or used car soon. Its about time I learned how to drive, and I'm going to need wheels when I start school, especially if I end up starting while were still living in Studio City. That's basically everything I've been up to. I guess I've also been playing lots of games and writing, but you should all already know that.

One last thing: I'm sorta in full blown Magic mode right now, so I've mostly been concentrating on Magic over any other game. Since most of you don't even play the game, I've been trying not to bore you all with article after article of Magic related material. As such, in my attempt to diversify the blog's content, expect more random personal articles like this one in the future. Ninety percent of the posts on this blog have been information based anyways. I also want to start taking topic requests, so if you want me to write about something specific, leave a comment somewhere.


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