Thursday, October 21, 2010

New NPD Sales Data Chart for 2010

Today, Gamasutra released a compilation of NPD sales data, showcasing the top selling games of 2010 thus far. This chart does not combine the sales of multi-platform games, nor does it include PC titles. Here is that chart for reference:

I'm not sure which is more impressive: Halo Reach becoming top selling game of the year in only a month, or New Super Mario Bros, which came out close to a year ago, taking the #2 spot. Its also interesting that Red Dead Redemption is on the list for Xbox 360 but not for PS3, indicating that the game was significantly more popular on the 360. This makes me wonder if all games which come out on both platforms sell significantly better on the 360. I'm actually quite surprised at the PS3's poor showing here. I was under the impression that the PS3 was starting to gain some momentum, but maybe its too early for that to start showing on these charts.

Wii is still showing no signs of slowing down with its games taking up half the list. This is just insane to me. 'Hardcore Gamers' can bitch all they want about the Wii, but one thing is for certain: As of this generation the game industry has fundamentally changed. Nintendo is redefining the industry. Motion controls and 3-D aren't just gimmicks, they are the future of the video game industry. 

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There is another thing I wanted to mention about this chart though. Out of the five Wii games on that chart, only one, Just Dance, is from a third party developer. A lot of people like to blame Nintendo for this, but its really not their fault. Sure their development guidelines are the strictest out of the first party developers, but that's not good enough excuse. The fact is that most third party Wii games are half assed games just trying to capitalize on the Wii's commercial success. I would LOVE it for a third party developer to put as much thought into a Wii game as they would for a game like Red Dead Redemption.

For instance, remember a couple years ago when Sega thought they would revolutionize the Wii market by bringing out a triple threat of House of the Dead: Overkill, Madworld, and the Conduit? These three mature games were supposed to be a test as to how well 'hardcore' games would sell on the Wii. They all did miserably, and it was blamed on the Wii's audience. But honestly, the real reason they didn't sell well is because they all sucked. House of the Dead was a generic rail shooter selling for full price which you can play through in one sitting. Madworld was an awesome concept, but it was a short game with no multi-player and zero replay value. The Conduit was just a generic FPS with some waggle thrown in.

I'm a ten dollar game now!

I guess my point is that the lack of third party games on Wii has nothing to do with Nintendo themselves, its just that all third party developers (except maybe Capcom) haven't put the time or energy into releasing an actual good game that's not a port on Wii.

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