Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Sciencing

Most gaming news last week has focused on Blizzcon, which Jason has excellently been covering. Once you remove Blizzard from the equation, there wasn't much interesting going on in the world of gaming. As such, I'm going to do something a little bit different today, and focus exclusively on the latest happenings in the scientific world.
All eyes were on Blizzard last weekend.
A frozen Antarctic 'telescope' will help scientist identify the source of the mysterious particles that bombard Earth from space.

Boring status updates and superficial friends on Facebook aren't completely useless and may help us psychologically.

New study suggests that the people of Pompeii were killed by the heat of the volcanic eruption within 10 seconds.

This was also found in Pompeii.
A psychologist at Cornell has conducted a series of experiments which may provide evidence for psychic phenomenon.

Here is a look some of the economics of Japan.

Here is more information regarding the habitability of Gliese 581D.

A more reasonable look at the potential implications of Prop 19.

Astronomers have found the most distant galaxy yet.

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  1. "Perhaps the most important caveat about Prop 19 is that it only legalizes marijuana under state law.

    The federal government's prohibition will remain in place, so the federal government could still enforce that prohibition in California. This happened for medical marijuana under the Bush administration, and under the alcohol Prohibition of the 1920s and early '30s, when the federal government enforced prohibition in states that had not banned alcohol.

    Prop 19 advocates have assumed that the Obama administration would tolerate legalized marijuana, as it does now for medical marijuana. This always seemed unlikely, however. Federal abdication would give the Republicans a huge issue and suggest that states can ignore federal laws they oppose, such as "Obamacare."

    And just last week, Holder announced that the federal government strongly opposes Prop 19 and will aggressively enforce federal marijuana prohibition in California, regardless of Prop 19's outcome."