Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday News Timez

Polls are now confirming Brown narrowly ahead in the California Governor race.

Obama, Palin, Hill dawg and others are playable characters in the new NBA Jam.

Some states are starting to charge for public defenders.

Almost every single potential GOP presidential nominee for 2012 is on Fox New's payroll.

Super sexy red Wii is officially announced.

New futuristic substance can potentially change the way we live.

This is how Epic Yarn became part of the Kirby franchise. 

Interesting article about Obama's stance on DOMA.

Someone recently did a board game review of Magic: the Gathering. The good article is a good read for those of you who are considering learning how to play.

Nintendo's president has some interesting things to say about video game piracy.

New archaeological find might suggest a new starting place for Western Civilization.

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  1. I wish Kirby were running for California governor.