Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday News Roundup

More GoldenEye footage available.

Nintendo issues a round about way to get past the non-progression bug found in Metroid: Other M.

Hey guys, things are still going crazy in Darfur. Appoximately 300,000 people have died there in the past two years, and yet its still barely talked about.

Someone did a musical analysis of Dancing Mad, Kefka's final boss music in Final Fantasy VI.

Here are some amazing Sci-Fi predictions which have actually come true.

Activision's asshole CEO continues to make inflammatory remarks to get some press. Yes, some of the things stated about EA are true, but Activision's business practices are just as terrible as EA's if not worse.

Meg Whitman scandal time! Meg Whitman's husband says its possible that the allegations are true. Regardless it still hasn't hurt her numbers yet ... probably because she is so hot.

CNN's Rick Sanchez says some hilarious Anti-Semitic lulz against Jon Stewart. He is promptly fired from CNN.

I am moving here ASAP.

Schwarzenegger decriminalizes marijuana in California.

Tons of information has been released this week on the sexy new Nintendo 3ds.

The Great Designer Search Part 2 has officially started. I'm still debating whether or not I want to put the time and energy in to compete in this. Any ideas for a block setting and theme are welcome.

Brazilian pro Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa has written one of the best Magic articles I've seen in a long time. Luke, Aimee, Juliana, and anyone else who wants to get better at the game should read it.

Archaeologists crack the Ptolemy code, revealing information on Ancient Germany.

EA buckles unde pressure and removes the playable Taliban in the new Medal of Honor. I am very disappointed in you EA.

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