Monday, October 18, 2010

Its Monday!

Here is an interesting article talking about how the NES still influences the game industry. 

Police are cracking down on fake vegetarian food in Thailand.

Here is just one example of the stupid things Carl Paladino, NY's GOP gubernatorial candidate, has been saying as of late. 

Examples on how to make your 4e DnD campaign a little more roleplaying based.

Apparently, a Dance with Dragons is almost done.

Everyone has seen this by now, but in case you haven't, here is the OK Trends article comparing gay sex to straight sex.

The Department of Justice appeals the Defense of Marriage Act ruling. This is incredibly disappointing.

Speaking of disappointing, here is a bunch of news on DADT.

Fired EA artists goes on a rant against the management at EA's Mythic Studio, which is famous for online games like Warhammer Online.

Activision rants about California's anti-violent video game law.

Potential new law might mean the death of the used video game industry.

Build your own Wii Remote!

Hubble Telescope captures first images of asteroids colliding in space.

Netflix is now available on Wii without the annoying disc.


  1. Pretty amazing news roundup for the following reasons:

    (1) Let's build our own Wii remote with all pink legos;

    (2) We've already experienced the fruits of the diskless Netflix; and

    (3) That court ruling is pretty major. Basically wouldn't this affect all used products? Are garage sales illegal now?

  2. I dunno about the garage sale thing. I do know that new Netflix is ultra sexy now.