Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Final Fantasy VI Character Analysis Part 2

Mog (Potato): 
Extra HP: 39
Extra MP: 16
Vigor: 29
Speed: 36
Stamina: 26
Magic Power: 35
Battle Power: 16
Defense: 52
Evade: 10%
Magic Defense: 36
M. Block: 12% 

Overview/Stats: Mog is a defensive powerhouse. He has the second highest Defense stat in the game, he has access to one of the best armors in the game, and hes one of the two characters who can jump efficiently, meaning he'll barely be around for enemies to hit him in battle. His stats are a bit awkward however, since besides his defense, his physical stats aren't all that spectacular. Instead, his stats seem to indicate that hes a good mage type, since he has the game's highest magic defense and fourth highest magic power. Luckily for him, low strength is easier to make up than low magic power, so hes able to have the best of both worlds. Basically, hes a hard to kill versatile fighter.

Special: Mog has eight terrain specific dances he can do in battle. When you use a dance with Mog, you lose control of him for the rest of the battle and he performs one of four attacks randomly. Like most specials in the game, Dances are amazing in the WOB but get out classed in the WOR fairly quickly. The Water Rondo, Wind Song, and Earth Blues absolutely destroy the Sealed Cave, Imperial Air Force, and Floating Continent sequences respectively. In the WOR, magic will completely outclass all of this dances, and your better off doing something else (like Jumping or slinging spells) with Mog. 

Equipment: As I metioned earlier, Mog can use some of the best armor in the game. The Snow Muffler will close to max out Mog's defense, making it so he only takes 1 damage from any physical attack which he doesn't block. He can use Spears, which is one of the better weapons classes. He also gets the Moogle Charm, which allows you to totally avoid all random encounters. This is amazing for split team dungeons like the Pheonix Cave, and for early raiding of some of the harder dungeons like Kefka's Tower or the Ancient Ruins. 

Mog is a monster in the WOB, and continues to be quite useful in the WOR, He can do decent damage with a Jump Setup or his spells at the end game once his dances become useless. This combined with the fact that he becomes near impossible to kill, means that Mog is a high tier character.

Edgar (Tyra):
Extra HP: 49
Extra MP: 6
Vigor: 39
Speed: 30
Stamina: 34
Magic Power: 29
Battle Power: 20
Defense: 50
Evade: 4%
Magic Defense: 22
M. Block: 1% 
Overview/Stats: Edgar starts off amazing and continues to be amazing throughout most of the game. He starts taper off at the very end of the game however, so just be aware of that. He has good physical stats, so hes clearly a fighting type. He has some of the highest defense in the game. 

Special: Tools are a pretty straight forward special. The Auto Crossbow, Flash, Drill, and Chainsaw make short work of every monster and boss in the entire first half of the game. Once in the WOR, Drill and Chainsaw become the only useful tools, and they start to fade off at the end. Tools are easily one of the best specials in the game, just don't rely on them at the end.

Equipment: So what does Edgar do once his tools become obsolete? He has to rely on his amazing equipment! He can basically equip everything that Terra can except for the female specific stuff. So he can use Illumina and Atma Weapon and wield them like a champion. He can also use Spears, meaning that he can utilize a jump set up and do some good damage that way. Hes also one of the easiest characters to get to 128% M.Block, meaning he can be invincible too.

Edgar is easily one of the best characters in all of the WOB. In the WOR however, he is forced to rely entirely on the strength of his equipment. This isn't a bad thing at all, but because he can't abuse magic and the Offering like others can, he can end up tapering off in usefulness at the very end of the game. Still, I would say that Edgar is high tier. 

Sabin (Oprah):
Extra HP: 58
Extra MP: 3
Vigor: 47
Speed: 37
Stamina: 39
Magic Power: 28
Battle Power: 26
Defense: 53
Evade: 12%
Magic Defense: 21
M. Block: 4% 

Overview/Stat: Sabin is a n00b cannon. He starts off amazing strong and decimates everything in the WOB. Once in the WOR, he continues to be strong, mainly because you can get his ultimate blitz so early. By the end of the game, Sabin is practically worthless. Why is this? His physical stats are great and he has some of the highest defense in the entire game. His magic power is abysmal, easily one of the lowest amongst the characters. So whats the problem? His blitzes are all based on Magic Power.

Special: Blitzes when you first get them are easily the best special in the game. Like Edgar, Sabin's blitzes make the WOB a joke. Even though his Blitzes are based on his low Magic Power, they pack enough punch themselves that it is not noticeable in the WOB. By the end of the game however, you'll notice that Sabin's damage peaked early on and he'll have a hard time keeping up with everyone else. You can get his ultimate blitz, the Bum Rush, very early in the WOR, which is Sabin's saving grace. Bum Rush is a basically a single target Ultima. Sabin's magic stat is so low however, that even Bum Rush will start be outclassed by the mages once they start learning the good spells (The 3s, Pearl, Meteor, etc.).

Equipment: Unfortunately Sabin's equipment isn't all that special either. Claws for the most part suck, and do nothing to raise his Magic Power to respectable levels. He doesn't really have any armor of note either. Not much to really say here.

Sabin is the lazy man's character. He starts off doing great damage and continue to do passable damage late in the game with his Bum Rush. He gets outclassed by the other characters quickly assuming you put some time and energy into learning/building up the other characters. Hes an easy character to learn, and he'll always be fine, there are just better options than him late in the game. Because of this, Sabin is a mid tier character.

Shadow (Velvet):
Extra HP: 51
Extra MP: 6
Vigor: 39
Speed: 38
Stamina: 30
Magic Power: 33
Battle Power: 23
Defense: 47
Evade: 28%
Magic Defense: 25
M. Block: 9% 
Overview/Stats: Shadow is a solid character held back by his availability. Hes rarely around in the WOB, so its hard to evaluate him there based on the his limited usage. In the WOR, hes a versatile character who doesn't have any weaknesses. His stats confirm this; He has high Vigor, Magic Power, Speed, and Defense. Like Mog and Hannah Montana, Shadow can do the best of both worlds.

Special: Unlike most of the other specials, Throw is useful throughout the entire game. The Ninja Star will be one of his primary sources of damage for most of the WOR, and his Skeans are basically improved Level 2 spells that he can use at will. In addition, Shadow also gets Interceptor, his cute little puppy. This means Shadow has a 50% chance to block any physical attack with his dog. He has an additional 50% chance to for the puppy to counterattack with an impressive attack which is the equivalent of casting the Flare spell.

Equipment: Shadow's equipment is a little bit mediocre. He has some unique knives like the Striker and Stunner which can cause instant death or stop attacks on enemies. This makes him a decent candidate for the Offering, since Offering + Striker means at least two enemies will likely be instantly dead. He can use the Genji Armor, which isn't bad. Lastly, he is one of the two characters who can use the Momento Ring, which is more neat than useful.

Shadow is a character with no weaknesses. He has a good special, good physical attacks, and can make a decent backup mage. The only thing bad about him is how little you actually get to play him. This means that Shadow is a high tier character.

Celes (Ribbit):
Extra HP: 44
Extra MP: 15
Vigor: 34
Speed: 34
Stamina: 31
Magic Power: 36
Battle Power: 16
Defense: 44
Evade: 7%
Magic Defense: 31     
                                                                                M. Block: 9%

Overview/Stats: Celes is basically the exact same as Terra. Her stats are similar to Terra, except her physical stats are a bit higher and her magic power is a bit lower. Celes is a bit more capable as a fighter than Terra is, but that's all there is to say really.

Special: Runic is awful. It is probably one of the worst specials in the game. There are a couple of bosses in the WOB who get easier if you runic, but otherwise you'll never be using this ability.

Equipment: Same as Terra's. The two of them have the best equipment options in the game.

Basically, Celes is the exact same as Terra but with a worse special. Terra is top tier and that means that Celes is too.

Cyan (Suzie):
Extra HP: 53
Extra MP: 5
Vigor: 40
Speed: 28
Stamina: 33
Magic Power: 25
Battle Power: 25
Defense: 48
Evade: 6%
Magic Defense: 20
M. Block: 1%

Overview/Stats: Cyan is a character who wasn't very well thought out. His special is awkward, and they didn't make his specialized equipment good enough for him to be a good attacker. He has the lowest Magic Power in the entire game, so hes hard to even raise as a mage.  For a front line fighter, his physical stats aren't anything all that special either. He also has the worst speed in the game for whatever reason.

Special: When you first get Cyan, Dispatch owns. Unfortunately, that is about his only useful Sword Technique. His later Sword Techniques do good damage, but you have to wait a very long time in order to be able to use them. While he is sitting there charging up, everyone else is slinging spells and doing more damage than his fully charged ability would do. His Sword Techniques are never worth the wait, and Dispatch only takes him so far in the game.

Equipment: Unfortunately, Cyan's equips aren't very good either.With the exception of the Tempest, all of Cyan's Katanas suck. He can use the Force Armor, which is one of the better armors in the game ... so that's something. He doesn't even make a good character to use the Offering with.

Cyan is a bottom tier character, and is one of the worst characters in the game. Fortunately for him, this game is pretty easy so it really doesn't matter who you choose to use in the end game.

To Be Continued...


  1. This was extremely helpful.

    (1) I was considering using Oprah as a party member, mainly due to the bum rush blitz which I thought was pretty awesome. But I really like magic and defense, and I've been noticing that Oprah is never not dead.

    (2) I might have to give Velvet another try. I basically wrote him not due to his minimal presence in the WOB.

    (3) I am deeply saddened that Potato's dances are not useful in the WOR. They're my favorite part!