Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blizzcon - Wear some damn deodorant

First of all, I don't give a damn if you are a top 20% level Starcraft 2 player or have a WoW character with ubar L33T epics - take some pride in yourself and learn to wear some fucking deodorant. Blizzcon 2010 smelled like teen spirit in the most literal sense possible.

Anyway, after adventuring through the Anaheim Convention Center for the last two days, I have mucho to report. I know you've read through Kotaku, WoW Insider, and other news outlets, but screw it - you know you want the gaymer perspective too.

Going from least exciting to most exciting. You've been warned. And SPOILER WARNINGS AHEAD.

Starcraft 2
No new buzz about the 2nd expansion for Heart of the Swarm :( But it's okay! Blizzard's dedication to their gaming community shined by showcasing four fan-created mods.

Stargem - Bejeweled + Tower Defense. Two teams of two battle each other out in a tower defense style game in which players collect energy from creating rows/columns of matching colors and then summon units/cast spells. Very addicting and enjoyable for anyone whose a fan of either genres.

Left 2 Die - Boring. A team of two battle together in defending their bases when the zerg attack at night. Players are able to rebuild their base and attack the "sleeping" zerg to collect research points during the day time. While the gameplay is very repetitive and difficult to explore in the allotted game time of 20 minutes, I did enjoy the aspect that players shared whatever research they performed to open access to more units.

Auir Chef - FFA style game of fetch. Players control an auir whose mission is to gather ingredients for dishes that generate points and bonuses to become the next top chef. Each round has a secret ingredient that is revealed and required in every dish. Ingredients are all across the map and each player has a limited inventory of how much they can hold and bring back to the kitchen. It's very silly and cute, but it's hardly something that will ever have replay value after an hour.

Starcraft Dota - I never understood the craze behind dota in WC3...but I finally do in SC2! Teams of 5 select a unit hero (dps/tank/support) and attack each other's bases. Your hero becomes stronger and gains access to more skills as you successfully kill more units. I'm so glad Blizzard brought them in!

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm
Everyone knows that Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms will be forever changed once Deathwing is reawoken. I really want to avoid rehashing all the coverage released this weekend, but I want to share some key things.

- The log in screen is beautiful.
- The creative minds (Christopher Metzen and Alex Afrasiabi) of the WoW world admitted that there are storyline issues with Cataclysm and Burning Crusade/Wrath of the Lich King. The idea is that players will just have to deal with being detached from Cataclysm between levels 60-80 and essentially treat it like their character is going back in time. Sad.
- The amount of work is immense. Wrath of the Lich King had 1,000 quests. Cataclysm has 3,500 quests.
- Roleplayers are fucking ridiculous. Stop wasting time at our panels by asking mundane is it really important to know that you have issues with a warlock summoning a voidwalker in the Stormwind Cheese shop?
- Thrall is a become the NEXT EARTH ASPECT!!!!
- Speaking of which, Thrall and Jaina will never be come JaiRall. Ever. As revealed in the latest WoW Book.
- New Worgen back story. Really not that crazy exciting.
- No plans to allow players to get Aetish or any other expired Legendaries. No plans to allow players to upgrade old Legendaries to level 85.
- Goblin/Worgen are new races (old news). New news? The Goblin starting world is SO much fun. I had a chance to play Worgens last year and didn't think it was that flavorful. Folks - I'm a classic WoW human paladin. I fucking bleed Alliance... but after playing as a goblin, I think I've been converted! The goblin starter really showed players how Blizzard plans to continue using phasing technology in addition to incorporating new game play additions that were introduced in Wrath (not going to reveal anymore).

Diablo 3
- The 5th and LAST class of Diablo 3 finally revealed.
- Arenas revealed!
- A shitload of information revealed at the Crafting panel. I'm going to give some awesome details I found out during my gameplay that should make every diablo fan the next post.