Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ready... Set... Say 'Fuzzy Pickles!'

Today Luke, Jules and I decided to geek it up more than we usually do. Since Luke had never played an RPG in his life, Jules and I decided to expose Luke to some RPG Gold:

Luke has been playing these three SNES games for the past twelve hours switching off. Its been a pretty amazing experience for him to say the least. Of the three he likes Earthbound the most, which is understandable, since it is light hearted and alien centric. Starting this Earthbound playthrough has made me aspire to dress up as Ness for halloween. I realize that I've thought about doing this in the past, but I really want to follow through with it this time.

Crono Trigger has been his least favorite thus far. It was sorta difficult for Luke to figure out the combat system. I think he had trouble discerning whose turn was it to act when. That combined with Jules and I yelling at him incessantly to heal up, made Luke more stressed out than anything else. I'm sure he'll enjoy it more once he gets the hang of it.

Luke also has stated that he really really liked Final Fantasy VI. He really enjoys the interactions between all of the characters, the divergent storylines, and the ability to name all of the male characters female names. The game is pretty hilarious when Edgar and Sabin turn into Tyra Banks and Oprah respectively. Maybe I can get Luke to do a guest post on this experience soon.


  1. Hmm... Luke... let's see... Clearly: Sabin, Tera, Celes, Gogo.

  2. I constantly look forward to the introduction of a new character. The naming process, and its subsequent interweaving into the storyline, brings me great pleasure.

  3. I stupidly forgot to mention that when Luke named Locke, he named Locke 'Bruce' because he thought he was naming a girl.

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