Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Return to Dungeons and Dragons

At no point in my life have I ever considered Dungeons and Dragons one of my favorite games. Don't get me wrong, I still look back fondly on those late nights playing Dungeons and Dragons at the Gords, but I had always felt that there are certain aspects of the game which kept it from being great for me. For instance, when running a campaign, I have found it particularly difficult to please every single player character. This is especially true when each player character has vastly different play styles and want different things from the game. I realize that this isn't that much of a problem for the typical Dungeons and Dragons group who love killing monsters and dungeon crawls, but our playgroup in high school encountered this issue every time we sat down for a session. When I went to college, I had basically stopped playing Dungeons and Dragons and I was fine with that. Occasionally I would miss it, and I would attempt to start a new campaign or create an online message board campaign, but these attempts would all crash and burn very quickly. For all intents and purposes, I hadn't played Dungeons and Dragons for like 5 years.

Once I had informed Jason that Luke and I were moving back to Los Angeles, we made plans to start a DnD campaign upon our arrival. Basically, Josh had recently come into possession of most of the 4th edition books in pdf format and Jason was really excited to try out 4th edition as we had never played it before. I had recently had a drunken conversation with Andres in Pittsburgh about DnD, and this conversation made Luke's interest pique. I read the Player's Handbook while I was still in Pittsburgh and was ready for some role playing by the time we got back to LA. Due to scheduling conflicts and general laziness, the campaign we were going to do with Jason still hasn't got off the ground yet. I was so eager to teach Luke though, that we had started a separate campaign with Jules and JSJ.

This campaign will be referred to as The Eldrazi Campaign, since it is loosely based on the storyline of a Magic expansion set called 'Rise of the Eldrazi.' The campaign starts out in a generic fantasy setting (Greyhawk), but will become multi-planar after the first few adventures. It will heavily feature the plane of Zendikar.

Cast of Characters:

Luke is playing an Elf Druid named LV-426, who is obsessed with being really gay.

John is playing a Human Fighter named Sherwood, who is obsessed with money.

Jules is playing an Eladrin Sorcerer named Naoko, who is obsessed with The Orient.

Mitch is playing a Tiefling Warlock named Mandalus, who is obsessed with lying.

Justin is playing a Dragonborn Avenger named Magnus, who is obsessed with the truth.

This is basically Luke's character.

I will be posting adventure summaries written by JSJ on this blog, so everyone can have a rough idea of how our campaign is going. I do want to note right now that I will be writing a review on 4th edition after we get a couple more play sessions in. I'm not really sure how I feel about this new system at the moment. Anyways, without further adieu, here is the first installment of the Eldrazi Campaign as narrarated by Sherwood Locke:


Sherwood's primary motive at this point is establishing an enterprise to combat the wrongs in the world, via intelligence and privatized law enforcement. Sherwood has an assistant who prior to employment had been laid off from work on the docks. He is a terrible assistant, but has a knack for management, so I make due with him as my errand boy. Sherwood also employs a 16 year old townie, as a pair of eyes and hands when the situation calls for it. This 16 year old has many friends who Sherwood will pay coppers to for information of interest.

The setting is the town of Fallcrest. It is described as having two primary districts, an East and West side. The West side is mostly poor and dirty. The East side has the richer establishments.
There are dockyards, with apparent dirty dealings afoot. I decided that work was too rare on the west side to provide a stable source of income, so I head to a more expensive inn on the east side of town, where I meet LV-426. LV is a very peculiar young lady elf who has a thirst for excess and excessive excess. The inn is called the Silver Unicorn. It is upon closer inspection at this point that I note that LV is in fact actually a male. I think that this is a curious development. LV welcomes the attention.

We meet a man named Anris, who shrouds himself in mystery. I have my watcher follow him, and he reports back that there is a mysterious woman Anris collaborates with. They speak a strange language he has never heard before. I also find out that LV and Anris had apparently slept together in the bath house attached to the inn.

Anris hires us to accompany him to a small dilapidated manor outside of town. It is believed to be a hideout for a group of Kobolds, who have been attacking trade caravans in the area. We reach the manor and capture the group of Kobolds residing inside. Upon searching the manor, we find no evidence of this manor being the headquarters of the Kobold operation, and we return to town. Anris pays us for our services and departs. I continue to have my watcher follow him.

To be continued...


  1. I like imagining John St. John reading this aloud as his character to a crowd at a Canfield party.