Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday News Round Up

Scars of Mirrodin has officially been over half way spoiled.

New Survey finds that around 15% of chefs have admittedly sabotaged vegan dishes.

Non-Progression bug has been found in the new Metroid: Other M.

Ben Stein claims that he shouldn't be taxed more because he's not that rich. He then goes on to talk about his three houses...

Don't worry Japanese gamers, I get befuddled and angry when I play Western games too.

Scalia says that the constitution does not outlaw bias over sexual orientation.

The T-Rex had to work its way to the top of the food chain.

Civilization V is approaching rapidly!

Here is a new trailer for Ni no Kuni, Studio Gibli's upcoming game for PS3.


  1. Putrefax will soon be an essential piece of the "Creepy Crawly" deck.

  2. TLDR, but re CIV V: yayayayayayayayayayay!