Friday, September 17, 2010


Welcome everyone to the first official Canfield Review spin off. I started the 'Life of a True Gaymer' column there with the intention to write about Wii-related gaming content once a week. However, as with most things I start, I failed to continue the column after my initial excitement wore off. I had thought about turning the column into a separate blog after I had written my Pittsburgh post, but I got swept up in studying for the GMAT and those ambitions disappeared quickly. The amount of free time I have right now is a bit scary, what with me not getting the position at 2K Games and all, so I figured I would give blogging another shot.

The content of this blog is going to the same as the column, except with less of an emphasis on the Wii. I also plan to include more non-gaming related material. Expect to see the occasional posting or news article about things like archaeology, gay rights, politics, space, psychology, and vegetarianism. Obviously the subject of dinosaurs will come up quite often.

If you wanna play a little catch up, here are links to the past articles written on the Canfield Science and Law Review:

Also, if anyone wants to do some guest posts on this blog feel free to. The more content on here the better.

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