Thursday, September 30, 2010

As Narrarated by Sherwood Locke

 Adventure 1: The Search for Vaevictis

The next morning, I wake up and head down to the bar. The Inn seems to have a bath house, and I see LV (Luke) walking towards it first thing in the morning. I assume at this point that he quite enjoys a good bath. I occupy a post at the bar hoping to conjure some enlightenment from a tall drink, a roll of tobacco and any information the barman might want to share. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to smoke inside the bar area.
I opt to drink minus my habitual smoke and a very large man with horns and regal attire walks in through the door. He is a tiefling with the smell of a mage about him. He seems incapable of being anything but trustworthy because he is an awful liar. He claims he is an amazing liar. At everything else he seems capable enough, and we take to drinking together. His name is Mandalaus (Mitch).

A woman smelling of Cats and alcohol stumbles into the bar. She is the utter embodiment of annoyance to the tiefling. She has a habit of using foriegn words to reassure her bubbly position on everything. She is a spell caster, and from what I gather, a decently powerful one. She introduces herself as Naoko (Jules), and proceeds to tell everyone at the bar her life story. She claims to be on a mission to find a suitable trainer for her special needs. At this point, LV comes down into the bar area and he and Naoko hit it off immediaely. I proceed to talk business with Mandalues while the women chat it up.

I inform him of my plans to form a successful Law and Information enterprise. He is on board for the most part. After a few early morning drinks, the four of us decide to go down the docks district. Mandalaus and I to investigate the break out of crime in the area, LV and Naoko to capure themselves some cats.

Awwww little meows!

During this time, I am summoned by the Lady of the Warden to the Castle Moonstone, which stands on a steep hill overlooking the town. Mandalaus accompanies me, while Naoko and LV smoke opium and rescue kittens.

We two meet with the Lady Lord, Allande Marklehay and because of my reputation she has heard of me, and has a mission. She offers 50GP per party member to a maximum of 6 persons, to assist the head of the Wizard's guild with the recovery of some information. Mandalaus and I offer up the mission to both Naoko and LV, at a reward of 40GP a person. I also sign aboard my two assistants so we can get the maximum reward in the end.

We meet with Nimozarian, and he informs me of his recently missing notes and apprentice who stole them. The Apprentice is a dragonborn by the name of Vaevictis Asmadi.

Old school Magic players will know where I stole that name from.

At my informant's behest we investigate the dockyards, and gather information. There is a particular pub where shady types and dragonborn have been known to visit. LV and Naoko pull information on Vaevictis (by having a three some with the bartender aparently), and we learn that he is leading a group of kobolds as their muscle. The four of us go and interogate the group of Kobolds we had captured earlier. It turns out that Anris' information was incorrect and the main Kobold threat was at Raven Roost Keep.
LV and I had captured the wrong kobolds.

Afterward, we decide to go hunting for horses, and capture 4 as mounts. We have them broken and make plans to take Raven Roost. We also encounter a strange warrior named Gideon, who seemed to be looking for a pyromancer of some sort. I told him we'd keep a look out for her.

Hi Gideon!

This is a Kobold
After a few days of preparation we set out for the keep. I am on my horse, as is Mandalaus, and Naoko rides with LV in a recently purchased Carriage.

We happen upon a detachment of kobolds headed for Raven Roost, and Mandalaus informs them that we are expected by Vaevictis and that we are powerful allies. They actually believe him and offer to escort us to the keep.

After a bit of commotion upon arrival, Mandalaus informs the 13 kobolds defending the Keep that we are again, allies and Vaevictis is expecting us. Suddenly there are slings and spears everywhere poking and pelting us.
We take down the Kobolds, and a penned dragon attacks as we get our bearings inside the keep. I lose all but the last of my life several times before we finally slay the beast. We then attack and capture Vaevictis and the rest of the fort.

We offer 3 of the kobolds amnesty in exchange for their servitude. The rest, including Vaevictis, we cart of to town.

We collect the reward, and thats that.

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